This year, 720 public toilets will be added in the

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This year, 720 new public toilets will be built in the main urban area of Chongqing, and landscape lighting such as Shuangbei bridge and Jialing River Bridge will be built.

Hualong - New Chongqing client at 6:00 on January 14 (Dong Jin). The toll of roads and bridges in the main urban area of Chongqing will be cancelled, new public toilets will be added, and the "five length system" and "Three Guarantees in front of the door" will be implemented... Chongqing's comprehensive urban management work achieved remarkable results in 2018. What are the "big moves" of urban comprehensive management this year? According to the recently released action plan for the improvement of urban comprehensive management in Chongqing (hereinafter referred to as the "plan"), this year, Chongqing will start with sanitation and municipal facilities, carefully build every street, scenic spot and building, and let the city change scenery step by step. By 2019, 720 public toilets will be added in the main urban area, and landscape lighting such as Shuangbei bridge, Jialing River Bridge and Gaojia garden double line bridge will be built

this year, 720 new public toilets were added in the main urban area

in terms of improving the city's appearance and sanitation, we carried out the treatment of exposed garbage, improved the quality of cleaning and cleaning, and improved the refinement level of sanitation operations. Improve the cleaning and cleaning mechanism of transportation hubs, urban radial highways, national and provincial roads in the built-up area, along the railway and related ancillary facilities, and always maintain a clean and tidy environment

we will further promote the environmental sanitation renovation of weak links such as the urban-rural fringe, the junction of administrative regions, old residential areas, back streets and alleys, and improve the living environment of citizens. Strengthen the cleaning and cleaning of water areas, and maintain the normalization of the cleaning and bleaching of the main stream and tributaries of the Yangtze River and Jialing River in the main urban area and the Western Chongqing area. Promote the "toilet revolution", make overall planning and layout of public toilets, actively promote the opening of public toilets in social units, and continue to promote the implementation of the upgrading of urban public toilets. By 2019, 720 new public toilets will be added in the main urban area, and by 2022, a good urban public toilet service system will be basically formed in the main urban area and Western Chongqing

Chongqing Municipal measures for the classification and management of domestic waste was officially implemented on January 1 this year, Chongqing officially implemented the Chongqing Municipal measures for the classification and management of domestic waste, which clearly stipulates that units and individuals should abide by the provisions of the state and the city on the classification and management of domestic waste, fulfill the obligations of classification and reduction of domestic waste, and put domestic waste in classification, and should not be dumped, scattered and stacked at will, And have the right to dissuade and report violations of domestic waste classification management

the plan also proposes to standardize the classified delivery and collection of domestic waste, set up recyclable delivery points according to local conditions, optimize and improve the classified collection and transportation system of domestic waste, explore the upgrading and transformation of existing domestic waste collection and transportation sites, explore the implementation of domestic waste classification quality monitoring and evaluation, and gradually achieve the accurate delivery of domestic waste. By 2020, the compulsory classification of domestic waste by public institutions and relevant enterprises in the urban built-up areas of the main urban area and the Western Chongqing area will be basically covered, and the proportion of townships (streets) implementing the demonstration pilot of household waste classification in the main urban built-up areas will reach 50%, basically forming a system of domestic waste classification regulations and standards and a reproducible and popularized classification model; By 2022, the proportion of townships (streets) that implement household waste classification in the built-up areas of the main city will reach 70%, and the compulsory classification of urban household waste in the main urban area and Western Chongqing has achieved remarkable results. Carry out the demonstration of rural domestic waste classification, and by 2022, more than 30% of the domestic waste in administrative villages in the main urban area and the Western Chongqing area will be collected by classification

in-depth construction of a good atmosphere between processes that do not accept defects, do not create defects, and do not transmit defects, promote the special treatment action of illegal construction

in the treatment of urban "persistent diseases", further promote the five-year action of special treatment of illegal construction, carry out the cleaning of building roof debris, private construction and demolition, and by 2020, the new illegal buildings will be effectively controlled, and the stock of illegal buildings will be gradually eliminated. Strengthen the management of urban Taxis, standardize the civilized service behavior of taxi employees, and strengthen the daily management of vehicle appearance. In accordance with the law, we will deal with urban "zombie cars", urban "psoriasis" and "card issuers", and comprehensively deal with prominent problems such as illegal driving, illegal operation, illegal parking and illegal occupation of traffic facilities of vehicles (including tricycles, motorcycles and electric vehicles)

in addition, a temporary road occupation management booth will be set up to investigate and deal with illegal road occupation construction, road occupation stacking, open-air barbecue and open-air burning in non designated areas and periods in accordance with the people's daily report law. Regulate the setting and management of on-road parking spaces, and implement differentiated parking fees and intelligent parking facilities sharing policies. We will further promote the "blue sky action" and strictly enforce the closed transportation of construction waste and the management of construction waste disposal sites. Strengthen the supervision of construction dust and establish a "blacklist" for dust control of construction units. By 2020, the built-up areas in the main urban area and Western Chongqing will basically eliminate illegal behaviors such as random posting, random depiction, random graffiti, random stalls, random excavation, random stacking, random dumping, random parking, illegal construction, and illegal transportation of construction debris

landscape lighting such as Shuangbei bridge will be built this year

at the same time, there will be major moves in the quality of urban lighting this year. This year, landscape lighting such as Shuangbei bridge, Jialingjiang bridge and Gaojia garden double track bridge will be built to improve the landscape lighting such as Chaotianmen Bridge, Simen bridge and dongshuimen bridge, where some enterprises disturb the market price system. Build an intelligent centralized control system for landscape lighting in the core area of "two rivers and four banks" in the main urban area, implement "one knife switch" management, and effectively improve the integrity of landscape lighting in the main urban area

create exquisite night lighting. Highlight the four elements of "mountain, water, city and bridge", and strive to create Chongqing night view business cards such as "three-dimensional mountain city", "light and shadow river city", "charming Bridge City". Focusing on Chaotianmen square, jiangbeizui central business district and pinzishi central commercial and residential district, the lights in the intersection area of the two rivers will be built into a high-quality light show with distinctive characteristics and strong appeal, which fully demonstrates the high thermal insulation of a modern metropolis, which promotes the low heat storage coefficient and greatly reduces the beauty of mountains, waters and humanities. Improve the construction and management level of Spring Festival lighting, and build the Spring Festival lighting in the main urban area into a characteristic tourism project. Create a high-quality route for urban night scenery tourism, and plan to launch the "two river Pavilion" in eling Park, the "one tree" in Nanshan, the "Hong'en Pavilion" in Hong'en Temple Park, the overlooking view from the top of the mountain, the river bank overlooking view such as Chaotianmen, "hugui stone", Yanyu Park, Chongqing Grand Theater, and the night tour of the two rivers. By 2022, "Chongqing Shangdeng" will become an influential urban theme brand

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