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CNOOC has made another large-scale oil and gas discovery in the Bohai Sea. CNOOC announced on the 14th that two evaluation wells in the 29-2 east structure of Qinhuangdao have been successful recently, marking another large-scale oil and gas discovery in the Bohai Sea

Qinhuangdao 29-2 structure is located in the North Central Bohai Sea, with an average water depth of about 27 meters. These two successful evaluation wells have expanded the reserve scale of Qinhuangdao 29-2 area. Among them, Qinhuangdao 29-2 east-4 well drilled in Qinhuangdao 29-2 east structural middle block has made a major breakthrough. It is found that the oil layer thickness is 218.4 meters, and the maximum oil layer thickness of a single layer is 133. The most cleaning method for preservation: use a wrench to solve the failure of the impact testing machine behind the oil pump: 1 The jaw is not properly clamped, and the fixing screw is tightened by 7 meters. The average daily output of crude oil is about 6600 barrels and natural gas is about 4.5 million cubic feet, creating the highest production capacity of clastic rocks in the Bohai Sea

lifanrong, CEO of CNOOC Limited, said that CNOOC has once again obtained a large discovery through this evaluation, and it is believed that Qinhuangdao 29-2 will provide strong reserves and production support for the company

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