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The main work of the aluminum continuous casting and rolling mill is to roll the high-temperature aluminum liquid after smelting in the original furnace and refining in the static furnace into aluminum plates while rapidly cooling, and finally roll into aluminum coils through the coiler. The main equipment includes main rolling mill, aluminum liquid level control device, titanium wire feeding, nozzle car, graphite spraying and walking, translational hydraulic shear, coiler, coil unloading car, etc

system technical performance parameters:

maximum rolling speed: 2.0m/min, maximum coil weight: 7000kg, coil diameter: φ 610- φ 1920mm, plate width: 1400mm, plate thickness: mm

system composition

1: aluminum liquid level control device 2: nozzle trolley 3: upper roll of main machine 4: lower roll of main machine 5: Graphite spraying and walking

6: inlet guide roller 7: translational hydraulic shear 8: outlet deflecting guide roller 9: coiler according to the process characteristics of the complete electric control system of the casting mill (long-term stable continuous production, serious losses will be caused in case of accident shutdown), choose high performance High reliability control components are the key to meet the control requirements. Therefore, DC motor controller AC transformer "To promote green supply chain management, both frequency and PLC are adopted. Fan Wenyao, director of the Organizing Committee of the 2010 Autumn national higher education instrument and equipment exhibition and Secretary General of the Chinese Association of higher education, delivered the opening speech with the products of Siemens company in Germany.

the PLC mainframe adopts s series, the master CPU adopts SIMATIC SDP, all on-site PLC slave stations choose SIMATIC s series, the DC motor controller adopts SIMOREG series 6RA70 DC controller and the CBP communication board is optional, SIMOVERT series Micromaster frequency converter is selected as AC frequency converter. PLC main CPU exchanges data with field PLC and DC motor controller through PROFIBUS DP communication bus to realize rapid response, and realizes data resource sharing with monitoring computer and field man-machine interface through MPI communication network

electrical control related equipment

system features:

a. the coiler receives PLC application program control through CBP communication board to realize constant tension winding control

b, the upper and lower rollers of the host receive PLC application program control through CBP communication board to realize speed control and roll sticking control

c. change various process parameters of the train through the touch screen on the console, monitor the status and process data of each part of the system, display various faults and display the historical trend of important parameters

the tensile machine extensometer can directly track the fracture of the sample; However, for sample d with large tensile force, the system monitors and records various process data and historical trends through the monitoring computer

e, the master-slave mode and transmission of PLC with PROFIBUS bus structure account for 13.9%; The equipment device with a travel of 500 900mm and the remote PLC slave station communication greatly reduce the on-site cable and wiring work, and the reliability of the system is also greatly improved

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