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Coding and symbol representation of clothing product box packaging and logistics unit (Part 2)

2. Coding and bar code symbols used to represent additional information. In the first section of this chapter, we take the production date of clothing products, the number (or serial number) of two true transverse deformation of batch test pieces, the sales area, the internal quantity of combined packaging and other information as the dynamic information of clothing products. These dynamic information can be used as additional information of clothing products, and expressed by corresponding codes and bar code symbols. The in mold labeling technology designed by the international article coding association has been introduced into China's plastic packaging market more than 10 years ago, and a series of "application identifiers" have been used to represent the product identification code and additional information

for example, in order to prevent cross-linking between different regions in the sales process of clothing products, clothing enterprises want to indicate the serial number and sales place of each piece of a product. These additional information and clothing identification code can be represented by ucc/ean-128 bar code, as shown in the figure

the three application identifiers (01), (21) and (420) in the figure are respectively followed by commodity identification code, product serial number and postal code of the place of sale. This representation method can be used to track and trace the single product of garment enterprises

sometimes, for a clothing product, the clothing enterprise hopes to use the barcode identification of the commodity, and also express the code of the product within the enterprise with the barcode symbol at the same time. At this time, ucc/ean-128 bar code can also be used, See Figure:

"at present, the code after the identifier (240) is applied in the figure to represent the meaningful coding of this clothing product within the enterprise. However, this representation method cannot combine the content represented by the AI (01) identifier with AI (240) The content represented by the identifier is disassembled, so it cannot be used for retail settlement

3. codes and bar code symbols used to identify logistics units

in the trade exchanges of clothing enterprises, in addition to identifying retail goods and box packaging, it is also necessary to identify freight units such as pallets and containers, that is, logistics units. Any two logistics units, even if they contain exactly the same goods and their quantities, should generally be given different identification codes in order to track each logistics unit. At this time, the sscc-18 code and the corresponding ucc/ean-128 bar code symbol can be used to represent the logistics unit, as shown in the figure:

in the figure, the application identifier (00) represents the logistics unit identification code followed by "", represents the manufacturer identification code of the enterprise, the "0" before the manufacturer identification code is the extension bit, the "" after it represents the serial number of the logistics unit (pallet or container), and the last "8" is the verification character

for the specific requirements of coding and bar code symbols introduced in this section, please refer to the relevant standards in Appendix C. enterprises can also consult the China article coding center and its branches

source: China article coding Center

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