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BDO waste sulfuric acid purification and recovery process has a new way

the waste sulfuric acid that has long plagued the production of 1,4-butanediol (BDO) now has a new way of recycling. Waste sulfuric acid is directly used in phosphoric acid production after high-temperature stripping purification, which can not only reduce environmental pollution, but also avoid resource waste, and achieve greater economic and environmental benefits. At present, the 15000 T/a industrialization project constructed with this technology has begun its preliminary design. This was learned yesterday from Shaanxi coal chemical group Shaanxi chemical company

Wang fading, deputy chief engineer of Shaanxi chemical company and deputy director of compound fertilizer plant, told the technical elastic modulus tester/metal elastic modulus tester/non-metal elastic modulus tester that through high-temperature stripping treatment, some organic substances in waste sulfuric acid volatilize and some solidify to produce new compounds. After purification, the sulfuric acid content is still 90% - 92%, but the solid content increases to 2.24%. Due to the effective use of the extraction and filtration process of phosphoric acid, the treated sulfuric acid can meet the requirements of producing phosphoric acid without filtration and decolorization, so as to turn waste sulfuric acid into treasure. At the same time, the purification and recovery process is simple and the cost is low. Through further treatment, it can meet the requirements of commercial sulfuric acid

The acetylene gas used in the production process of 1,4-butanediol needs to be washed and purified with concentrated sulfuric acid. The waste sulfuric acid produced is a stable dark brown viscous liquid. Except for 90% - 92% sulfuric acid and 5% - 7% water, the rest are impurities. Because there are many organic substances that are difficult to treat in impurities, if they are discharged directly or after simple neutralization treatment, they will cause environmental pollution and waste of resources. This is also a long-standing technical problem in the production of 1,4-butanediol in China

bideo chemical company and compound fertilizer plant subordinate to Shaanxi Chemical Corporation have 30000 T/a 1,4-butanediol unit and 200000 t/a diammonium phosphate production unit respectively, of which 1,4-butanediol unit produces 1000~3000 tons of waste sulfuric acid every year. After the 1,4-butanediol project was completed and put into operation in 2010, the technicians of the compound fertilizer plant continued to explore the purification and recovery technology of waste sulfuric acid in combination with the fact that the diammonium phosphate production line was drawn on the prepared sample by printing or manually (the addition of the line should have no impact on the sample)

Wang fading said that Shaanxi chemical started the experimental research on the purification treatment of waste sulfuric acid in August 2011. After repeated tests and phosphoric acid production simulation, the waste sulfuric acid was finally treated by the indirect method of high temperature stripping, which achieved preliminary success and obtained relevant data. In February this year, the factory built a 1 ton/hour pilot plant for waste sulfuric acid treatment on the original sulfuric acid facilities, and produced 81 tons of sulfuric acid in total. It was mixed with genuine sulfuric acid at the proportion of 15% (sulfuric acid content) and used in phosphoric acid production. The process operation and product quality were stable. In May this year, BDO waste sulfuric acid purification and recovery pilot project passed the technical review

10. All parts of the experimental machine should always be kept clean. It is understood that the construction of the 100000 ton/year 1,4-butanediol phase II expansion project of Shaanxi chemical bideo company is being stepped up, and the total amount of waste sulfuric acid produced after it is put into operation in the first half of next year will reach nearly 10000 tons. To this end, Shaanxi chemical company accelerated the start-up and implementation of 15000 tons/year after the success of the pilot test technology of waste sulfuric acid purification and recovery. How to do the best in the ordinary protection of the experimental machine? The industrial project of waste sulfuric acid purification and recovery is planned to be used in the production of phosphoric acid. At present, it has entered the preliminary design stage of the project

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