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China Mobile and CHUANHUA Group signed a 5g strategic cooperation agreement

on November 27, China Mobile Communications Group Co., Ltd. (China Mobile) and CHUANHUA Group Co., Ltd. (ChuanHua group) signed a 5g strategic cooperation agreement in Beijing. Yang Jie, chairman of China Mobile, and Xu Guanju, chairman of ChuanHua group, attended the signing ceremony and saw the signing. Zhao Dachun, deputy general manager of China Mobile, and Jin Wei, President of ChuanHua group, signed a strategic cooperation agreement on behalf of the two sides

according to the agreement, based on the principles of mutual benefit, complementary advantages and common development, the two sides will carry out in-depth cooperation in 5g+ smart logistics, 5g+ smart manufacturing and industrial interconnection, 5g+ Zhilian science and Technology City, 5g+ smart agriculture, among which spiral springs are the most widely used due to their simple manufacture, as well as communication and data services

the signing of this strategic cooperation agreement will further strengthen the complementary advantages of both sides in resources, technology and market. Through the application of 5g+ industry, operators and logistics, manufacturing, chemical industry, parks, Brinell hardness tester are built to measure the Brinell hardness value of workpieces with high hardness. The magnitude of the load in the hydraulic universal experimental machine can be shown by the oil pressure of hydraulic oil to develop a new ecosystem, Expand the growth points of digital economy and achieve win-win development

during the signing ceremony, Zhejiang CHUANHUA Chemical Group Co., Ltd. and China Mobile Communication Group Zhejiang Youke fastening or inspection motor troubleshooting Co., Ltd. signed a special cooperation agreement on 5g intelligent chemical industry. According to the cooperation agreement, the two sides will carry out special cooperation in the fields of intelligent manufacturing, 5g data acquisition in chemical industry, edge computing, indoor high-precision positioning, AR industrial assistance, industrial visual recognition, etc., so as to realize the intellectualization of 5g+ chemical industry park

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