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In 2011, the scale of China's mobile TV market accelerated, and China TV media led the CTI Forum on May 9 (Yang Jialin): according to Analysys International, the scale of China's mobile TV market reached 1.9 billion yuan in 2010. Based on the further integration of resource patterns and the impact of the macro economic environment, it is expected that the growth of China's mobile TV market will accelerate in 2011, and the year-on-year growth is expected to exceed 30%

from the perspective of competition pattern, CTV media has strong competitive advantages. After the release of the financial report of the first quarter of 2011, the share price of China TV media in the U.S. stock market rose by more than 10% on May 6, leading the rise of Chinese concept stocks. Based on the media value of China TV media, the value of TV attribute gradually strengthened and appeared, and its advertising business did not adopt the fineness test method (80 μ M sieve analysis method) GB 1345 ⑼ 1 income expectation has been effectively supported. In 2011, CTV media will still lead China's mobile TV market for the following reasons:

first, the mobile TV market is a media market driven by resources. The number of resources determines its media coverage, and then determines its market performance. In recent years, China TV media has further formed a strong possession of resources by taking shares in DMG, strengthening the resource penetration of first tier cities, and strengthening the resource layout of second and third tier cities. From the first quarter of 2011, China TV media has successively obtained the exclusive advertising rights of Guangzhou Metro mobile TV in the next five years, Shenyang Regional bus mobile TV in the next three years, and Shenzhen Metro has added three new lines of mobile TV advertising rights in the next five years. The strengthening of the layout will help CTV media continue to expand its advantages in resource aggregation

second, group purchase, classified information, recruitment, e-commerce and other Internet life service enterprises have become the new force for the expansion of China TV media industry. Previously, the promotion of Internet life service enterprises focused on getting users quickly, generating registration and even realizing the major technical breakthrough sales of heavy oil and light oil and coal refining. Therefore, internet promotion is the main way. However, from the overall perspective, the promotion strategy of establishing brand image, forming user brand cognition and building competitive barriers has been adopted. Therefore, offline promotion and Internet proportion have been adopted. At the same time, mobile TV media, especially Metro mobile TV media, has a high coincidence with this part of the target user group of Internet life service enterprises. Therefore, it will benefit from this round of large-scale industrial advertising. It is estimated that in 2011, China TV media will receive more than 100 million yuan of advertising from group purchase enterprises only

third, the Shenzhen Universiade is about to be held. On the one hand, important sports events are the catalyst to improve advertising. On the other hand, the city image construction driven by this will promote the traditional outdoor advertising to form a reshuffle situation, and then accelerate the traditional outdoor advertising to households. 19. Host size: 1000*680*2450mm; The transfer of foreign new media advertising and the resource layout of Huashi media in the city will benefit significantly

on the whole, CTV media has indeed formed important advantages in resource layout, industry grasp and so on. Its excellent financial performance in the first quarter of 2011 also confirms its good development trend. If we can create an effective overall marketing solution of "commercial buildings + Mobile TV" with focus media, it will further consolidate the media monopoly of urban mainstream consumer groups. CTI Forum Report

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