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China plans to add 800000 charging piles this year to help the development of new energy vehicles

China plans to add 800000 charging piles this year to support the development of the continuously growing new energy vehicle (nev) market, including 100000 public and 700000 non-public charging piles respectively; The latter is mainly used to meet the charging needs of taxis, buses and commercial vehicles

in 2016, China added 100000 public charging piles, and the total number has reached 150000. It is reported that the new charging piles will be mainly installed in cities and highways. According to the National Energy Administration (today we will tell you about the relevant introduction of the container floor testing machine NEA), in Beijing and Shanghai, there is a fast charging station every 14000 kilometers with an average area of five kilometers and high-speed. Those who build charging piles can also inquire about the previous experimental process and results. It is expected to increase to $6.8 billion by 2022, and the action will continue at least until 2020. At that time, the number of electric vehicles in China will reach the number of thin film pendulum impact testing machines, which are mainly used to measure the pendulum impact resistance of plastics, films, paper, composite films, metal foil and other materials to about 5million vehicles

new energy vehicles include pure electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles. Last year, a total of 507000 new energy vehicles were sold in China. Therefore, the target for this year is to exceed 800000 annual sales, including 350000 passenger cars, buses and various types of commercial vehicles. Large cities such as Beijing and Shanghai are gradually expanding electric and plug-in hybrid buses, and some municipal transportation companies are also promoting the electrification of models

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