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China's machine tool industry will grow steadily in the next five years

recently, three listed companies in the machine tool industry, Kunming Machine Tool (600806), Qinchuan development (000837), and Shenyang Machine Tool (000410), all reported good news in advance for the third quarter, showing the strong growth momentum of the machine tool industry. Industry insiders believe that the current strong demand of downstream industries has driven the machine tool industry to a long-term trend. 3. The selection index of electronic tensile testing machine is good, and the promotion of the import substitution process of machine tool products and the gradual decline of the machine tool trade deficit have kept the prosperity of the industry unchanged. The machine tool industry will continue to grow steadily in the next five years, and is expected to maintain a growth rate of 15%

there is huge room for import substitution

Guotai Junan researcher Zhang Jincan told that China is the world's largest machine tool consumer and CNC machine tool importer. According to the statistics of China Machine Tool Industry Association, the consumption of machine tools in China in 2005 was US $10.78 billion, accounting for 20% of the total production of metal processing machine tools in the world; In 2006, China's machine tool consumption was 13.11 billion US dollars, accounting for 22% of the world's total machine tool production, an increase of two percentage points year-on-year. In 2006, China continued to maintain the position of No.1 in machine tool consumption, No.1 in import, No.3 in production and No.8 in export. Mrs ⑴ 0g lever 4-ball friction testing machine is a kind of high cost performance laboratory evaluation equipment developed by our company to meet the needs of lubricant R & D and production users

Zhang Jincan also pointed out that developed countries have always restricted the export of CNC machine tools to China (especially military), such as high-performance CNC system products with more than five axis linkage, which are absolutely prohibited from exporting to China. Therefore, "made in China" has become a strategic demand for the development of China's machine tool industry

according to the industry plan, by the end of the "Eleventh Five Year Plan", the proportion of CNC machine tools produced by China's precision extrusion technology to meet the needs of high-precision machining will rise from the current 30% to more than 50% in the domestic market, domestic CNC machine tools adopt their own functional components to more than 60%, and CNC systems with independent intellectual property rights account for more than 75% of the total output of CNC machine tools. Domestic medium and high-end CNC machine tools have huge import substitution space

2. Ambient temperature: 10 ℃ 40 ℃ stable growth in the next five years

Zhang Jincan said that the development of China's machine tool industry obviously lags behind the automotive and construction machinery industries, and machine tools are the working machines of the equipment manufacturing industry. In order to revitalize the equipment manufacturing industry, China must revitalize the machine tool industry. Large precision and high-speed CNC equipment, CNC systems and functional components are the key industries of equipment manufacturing industry during the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" period. In terms of machine tool models, the demand for large and heavy machine tools for ships, national defense and military industry will increase; From the perspective of product grade, the demand for domestic medium and high-grade CNC machine tools and machining centers will increase significantly, and the demand for low-grade and ordinary machine tools will tend to be stable

Liu Rong, a researcher at China Merchants Securities, predicts that the machine tool industry is expected to maintain a stable growth rate of 15% in the next five years. Among them, due to the improvement of the NC ratio of domestic machine tools and the domestic market share, the growth rate of NC machine tools will be about 30%; The import substitution effect of mid-range CNC machine tools will appear year by year; However, the high-end CNC machine tool technology is difficult to catch up with Germany and Japan, and the high-end market is difficult to shake; China's medium and high-end CNC machine tools are close to foreign similar products in technology, with obvious price advantages, and the proportion of exports will also increase year by year

Liu Rong pointed out that at present, domestic CNC machine tool enterprises are 5-10 years behind the foreign advanced level in terms of product design level, quality, accuracy, performance and so on; The gap in high-precision technology has reached 10-15 years. At the same time, China's ability in application technology and technology integration is also relatively low, the research and formulation of relevant technical specifications and standards are relatively lagging behind, and domestic CNC machine tools have not formed a brand effect, which requires further innovation and integration of the industry

the general trend of industry integration

at present, machine tool enterprises at home and abroad have been reorganized and integrated. Dalian machine tool industry has realized integration, established Dalian machine tool group and merged foreign enterprises such as Ingersoll production systems and Siemens (holding 70%), with sales ranking eighth in the world machine tool industry; Through restructuring and integration, the sales revenue of Shenyang machine tool industry increased rapidly and the market share increased significantly in 2006; Beijing No.1 Machine Tool Factory acquired German Kebao company, and its technical level has been greatly improved

Zhang Jincan believes that although there are traces of administrative consciousness in the early integration of the machine tool industry, under the general trend of improving industrial concentration, in order to realize the real rise of China's machine tool industry and the survival and development of China's machine tool industry, there will be more and more enterprise integration driven by market factors in the future, and the integration of Listed Companies in the machine tool industry is more worthy of attention

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