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China took the lead in formulating the first international toy phthalate Standard

ISO (International Organization for Standardization), headquartered in Geneva, officially released the international toy standard ISO "specific phthalate plasticizers in toys and children's products" to the world

this standard is based on the current Chinese standards. Huang Lina, the technical center of Guangdong entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau, is the convener/leader of the working group, and the iso/tc181/wg6 working group is composed of international experts from relevant countries

the working group collected the opinions and suggestions of toy enterprises, industry organizations and toy regulatory authorities, held 10 seminars on domestic research needs to soak the leather ring for a period of time or replace it, 4 international seminars, and organized 4 verification tests, with the participation of nearly 200 enterprises and professional testing institutions, and a total of thousands of sets of data

at present, international countries including China have gradually restricted phthalate plasticizers

this ISO standard has made a substantial breakthrough in terms of involving the scope of toys, limiting the types of toy plasticizers, controlling testing costs, ensuring testing accuracy and improving the convenience of method operation

although the standard is set according to China's expectation of 0.1%, there is no clear unified limit, which is left to countries to set according to their own conditions this year

China is the largest toy manufacturer and exporter in the world, and its export volume ranks first in the world. More than 70% of the toys in the world are produced in China, and the products are sold in more than 100 countries and regions

in 2013, there were nearly 6000 toy manufacturing enterprises above Designated Size in China. The total export volume of toys in China reached 12.38 billion US dollars, of which Guangdong province accounted for two-thirds

in the first half of this year, China's toy exports soared by 37% over the same period last year, reaching US $8.8 billion

but what is not commensurate with it is that the production process of China's export toy enterprises has always been subject to the standards of other countries. In terms of production technology, quality control and standard research, they have been led by the nose in the world for a long time, and enterprises have been bearing the huge risks of production costs and quality recovery. The toy quality recall storm in fully reflects the passive situation of China's toy manufacturing industry and the manufacturing industry in the world

the China Toy Association said that the formulation of ISO standards this time is a breakthrough made by China in the field of toy international standardization, which lacks core technology. It not only fills the gap of China's toy industry in the field of ISO, but also marks that China has a voice in the field of global toy production. This is an important step in China's transformation from a world toy manufacturing power to a manufacturing power, and shows the determination of China's toy industry to change from passive to active international standards for toy safety

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