Hottest China to build the world's largest silicon

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China builds the world's largest silicone production base

it is reported that China is just being able to install experimental machines to build a production base with an annual output of 700000 tons of silicone monomers in Xinghuo Industrial Park, Yongxiu County, Jiangxi Province, in the central province. This will become the largest silicone production base in the world

the project is invested by Sinochem Group with 8billion yuan and will be completed in 2015. After the project goal is achieved, the sales revenue is expected to reach 15billion yuan

China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Planning Institute is refined and the demand is only 28gwh Fine chemical industry comprehensively inspects quality everywhere! Zhang Fang said that at present, China is almost the only country in the world that has plans to expand the production of silicone monomers, and major international manufacturers have invested in the production of silicone monomers in China, indicating that China is expected to become the world's largest producer and exporter of silicone monomers

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