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With the rapid development of industrial big data real-time collection, storage and machine learning technology, Ni has become an important driver

according to IDC's previous EMC digital universe research, only 5% of big data has been analyzed on average. Cui Peng, the marketing manager of Ni (national instruments, or Ni) industrial IOT industry, said at the 2017 Ni industrial IOT Summit Forum held not long ago that compared with the total amount of 22260 bytes of big data, 5% is no different from the tip of the iceberg. As a new asset, resource and production factor, industrial big data is the core of the industrial IOT and an important strategic resource for the transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry

intelligent measurement + management, platform based solutions can perspective the value of invisible data

to solve the challenge of large analog data, Ni believes that the first step is to measure more intelligently. As a special guest of the Ni industrial IOT Summit Forum, Professor Li Jie, Professor of the University of Cincinnati and director of the American Intelligent Maintenance System Center, believes that the future trend of data collection will focus on three aspects:

1 With the expansion from the visible world to the invisible world, in the future, more data collection will come from the invisible world

2. With the expansion from fixed to wireless mobile, autonomous wireless sensor will become the mainstream of data collection in the future

3. The expansion from physical characteristics to information characteristics is not limited to the current measurement function, and the future data collection will have the identification function

Professor Li Jie analyzed the future trend of industrial big data collection on site

to further explore the value behind industrial big data, in addition to the process of measuring and analyzing data must be intelligent, Ni believes that more intelligent data management is also needed. Therefore, Ni proposed corresponding solutions from point to area, bringing a host of new products: LabVIEW NXG, distributed system management software systemlink that emphasizes remote data management, enterprise level distributed monitoring software Ni insightcm that monitors the health of assets in order to formulate operation and maintenance plans, and the latest compactdaq Ethernet chassis that supports TSN functions to the forum

LabVIEW NXG, which features fast measurement, instant insight and optional programming, not only realizes the innovation of measurement automation by introducing a redesigned device, but also establishes a bridge between configuration based software and user-defined programming language; It also further expands the openness of LabVIEW and combines more language sets. The plastic film tensile strength/elongation at break experiment greatly improves the programming productivity, and is intended to set off a desktop measurement revolution

at the same time, the experimental LCD screen will display the word "PC control". With the formulation of time sensitive network (TSN) standard, it will accelerate the construction of industrial IOT platform and become the industry consensus. Ni actively helps to define TSN, integrates TSN into compactdaq platform, and introduces cdaq-9185 and cdaq-9189, so as to realize long-distance precise synchronization, and greatly simplify the customer installation and system management of high channel distributed system

ni's industrial IOT platform solution centered on software definition

this series of newly launched heavy new products are only point solutions launched by Ni in the field of industrial big data and industrial IOT. The solution from point to surface is Ni's platform design method centered on software definition. Cui Peng introduced that Ni hopes to help customers realize subdivision applications around industrial big data and industrial IOT, such as industrial measurement, condition monitoring, intelligent testing, etc., based on LabVIEW platform, through desktop portable measurement equipment, compactdaq, PXI modular instruments, compactrio and other equipment and embedded system design solutions. And the software and hardware platforms come down in one continuous line and are flexible and compatible, which can help customers accelerate the development process and reduce the time to market

the intelligent revolution of knowledge is inseparable from the ecosystem construction based on platform solutions. Cui Peng also cited a set of data: according to the statistics of the hydrocarbon publishing company, the cost of unexpected downtime and poor maintenance of global manufacturing industrial equipment accounts for about 5% of the annual output value of the entire industry, which is equivalent to $20billion per year. Therefore, the current in-depth analysis of industrial big data and the continuous promotion of industrial IOT are essentially for two purposes:

1 Data flow: solve the problem of automatic data flow through intelligence, that is, the right data can be transmitted to the right people and machines at the right time and in the right way

Solvay's main product aromatic polymer is perfect, which meets the needs of automotive OEM

2 Resource Optimization: following the transformation of massive industrial data into information, information into knowledge, and knowledge into scientific decision-making, resource optimization needs to deal with and solve the complexity and uncertainty of the manufacturing process, and continuously improve the allocation efficiency of manufacturing resources in this process

as Professor Li said: the revolution of next generation industry 4.0 is actually the intelligent revolution of knowledge. He believes that industry 4.0 can be divided into three stages: the first stage is based on computer information system, using the results of big data analysis to make people more intelligent; The second stage is how to make man-machine combination produce value-added; The third stage is the most important, that is, to use their own experience of knowledge-based society to help other societies achieve balanced development

in the three stages of the industrial 4.0 revolution, Ni cannot fully cover it on its own. Therefore, based on Ni's platform solution, Ni also pays attention to building its own ecosystem in the field of industrial IOT. PTC, who was invited to give this speech, is one of Ni's ecological partners. According to Cui Peng, Ni, together with PTC and Hewlett Packard, provides Flowserve customers with the best equipment asset management and real-time status monitoring solutions. As a well-known manufacturing leader, Flowserve provides end-to-end support for some of the most advanced heavy equipment in the industry. Therefore, Flowserve has always hoped to use the latest monitoring technology to help customers reduce downtime through predictive maintenance

build an ecosystem based on the platform, Ni and its partners promote the development of the industrial IOT

collect sensor data such as temperature, pressure, flow rate, vibration and power based on LabVIEW and compactrio. The raw data rate of Flowserve pump can reach 2.5Mb per second. At the same time, the system sends these data to PTC's thingworx analysis engine, so that all energy consumption indicators that need to be monitored and fault warning tips can be seen on the dashboard, This is very helpful for experts who need to maintain hundreds of devices. Cui Peng added

coincidentally, Ni has cooperated with IBM earlier to jointly develop a cloud based distributed data acquisition system and a condition monitoring and predictive maintenance test platform based on LabVIEW to help enterprises find better ways to manage the old assets of heavy machinery, power generation, processing and manufacturing and many other industrial departments, and extend the service life of corresponding equipment. Ni's software centric open platform provides the possibility of machine learning for the condition monitoring and predictive maintenance test platform. The in-depth cooperation with IBM is not only to provide excellent interoperability between operating technology (OT) and information technology (it), but also to deeply integrate cloud computing, IOT technology and industrial systems to realize industrial data analysis and value mining

in addition, by localizing global advanced manufacturing experience, Ni is implementing the third stage of the industrial 4.0 revolution in multiple dimensions. To help straighten the made in China curve and promote made in China 2025, Ni not only provides platform based industrial IOT solutions throughout the product R & D, design, production and use life cycle, but also goes deep from the following two points:

Ni based on platform based solutions, helps make in China 2025

on the one hand, Ni strengthens the cultivation of local partners, Actively build a local ecosystem: for example, Beijing Tianze Zhiyun, who was invited to make this speech, is Ni's partner in the PHM field. Based on the Ni platform system design scheme, Tianze Zhiyun customized and developed end-to-end solutions for customers in the field of industrial IOT to help Chinese industrial customers realize real-time health management and predictive maintenance of industrial equipment

on the other hand, Ni actively localizes international advanced experience: Ni cooperates closely with industry 4.0 intelligent factory laboratory of Tongji University, and the joint establishment of Ni industrial interconnection laboratory is one of many cases. Based on Ni's rich engineering experience in the fields of data collection and equipment condition monitoring in the industrial IOT, the two sides will also work together to establish and explore a new mode of intelligent manufacturing industry university research cooperation and Sino foreign cooperation

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