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North China Industrial Control & Intelligent Robot - service robot has become the first favorite in the market

the development of technology has made intelligent robots penetrate into all walks of life at a rapid speed, and become closer and closer to consumer terminals. Service robots have higher technical requirements in the dimension of human-computer interaction. No matter in the fields of finance, catering, medical treatment, government affairs and shopping guide, service robots, as a branch of intelligent robots, are at the leading level in market penetration

service robots have always performed well in opening up the market with more flexible interaction and more flexible function positioning. In catering, clip banks, hospitals, shopping malls and other fields that must apply special data, its figure is becoming more and more common, and its functions have been continuously expanded

for service robots, they need to interact with the outside world at any time in the application scenario, so it is very important to create a flexible and highly humanized interaction space. Therefore, in the process of building a service-oriented robot system, speech recognition and face are expected to be released in September. The new car is made of reinforced plastic, and its recognition, human-computer interaction interface, multimedia playback and other performance need to be integrated in the system

in the technical scheme, North China industrial control has high-quality embedded technical schemes applied in speech recognition, face recognition, human-computer interaction interface and multimedia playback

∥ speech recognition

North China industrial control relies on core technology to build a series of high-tech industrial control computer hardware solutions for speech recognition system, which can fully meet the requirements of embedded computer hardware in the field of speech recognition for small size, high performance, high reliability, low power consumption and high cost performance

on the processor, the product scheme adopts ultra-low power consumption and excellent performance processor, which can continuously and stably help the speech recognition application scenarios, and meets the most advanced needs and future development trends of the current multi-functional speech recognition scenarios. In terms of speech recognition technology, it supports 16 channel recording and 24-hour speech storage, which can meet the functional requirements of multiple scenes. With stable and reliable industrial product performance and intelligent speech recognition technology, it can widely provide technical and performance support for a variety of speech application scenarios

there are more than 20 rotten dead fish in the silt by the river ‖ face recognition

as the core of the basic hardware platform, the embedded motherboard, with its excellent external environment compatibility and ability in network interface configuration, can work in many scenes that need to build face recognition technology solutions, and has stronger Scene Building ability. Whether in terms of interface configuration, various industrial level performance parameter configurations, or in terms of network environment compatibility, face recognition technology performance and other dimensions, it has all-round application characteristics, compact function modules and centralized performance

∥ human computer interaction interface

to achieve high feedback human-computer interaction, touch-screen tablet is an important tool. No one will know the association to ask for information adjustment, information input, and the window to provide data feedback. Touch-screen tablet can play a multiple role in it

∥ multimedia playback

based on market demand, North China industrial control has created a number of embedded motherboards used in the field of multimedia playback, which have significant market advantages. Whether in terms of image and video processing speed, or in terms of codec ability, environmental compatibility, performance of various display parameters and other dimensions, it adopts larger intelligent cache and the highest underlying architecture design, which has better stability and overclocking physique, substantial performance improvement, and better stability and reliability

∥ intelligent robot control system embedded motherboard scheme

build a control system in the network environment to regulate and control the real-time equipment, personnel and materials and manage them with high transparency. In the production site of Chengdu, the massive data generated in it needs a high-performance control system to work in it

with more technical support, the application field of service robots is deepening, and its market space will undoubtedly continue to expand. With more technical solutions, we will release the advantages of North China industrial control, and North China industrial control will create more integrated and high-quality solutions for the market in the field of service robots

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