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North China industrial control innovation technology shines CES 2010

on January 7, 2010, the Las Vegas International Winter Consumer Electronics Exhibition (CES) kicked off, and the four-day exhibition was in full swing. Elite enterprises from all over the world participated in the exhibition. As a domestic industrial computer manufacturer, North China industrial control has maintained steady development in 2009, and it is still in high spirits this time. It took a series of innovative products developed in 2009 and 2010 to the CES Exhibition (booth numbers: hilton-56014, 56016, 55015, 55017)

North China industrial control booth (booth numbers: hilton-56014, 56016, 55015, 55017)

North China industrial control brought dozens of weight class innovative technology exhibition booths including embedded industrial motherboards, rail transit products, digital signage products, storage products, safety products, chassis machines, human-machine interfaces, etc., which filled the eyes of visitors and fully demonstrated the charm of Chinese creation

many customers came to the North China industrial control booth to visit and negotiate

the original intention of the North China Industrial Control Exhibition was to look at the world and show the latest technology to global customers. We will also take this platform to learn more about international trends and explore the global industry demand for independent innovative products of North China industrial control. At the same time, it is also conducive to global customers to visit the innovative technology of North China industrial control directly, and even to dynamically experience today and choose products on site

the rail transit industry and digital signage industry showed a growth trend in 2009 and will continue to grow in 2010. According to the requirements of customers, North China Industrial Control Co., Ltd. has considered the adverse environmental factors that may occur at various subway sites, such as high temperature, high humidity, high dust, strong electromagnetic interference, corrosive gas, strong vibration, etc., to create industrial grade high-quality rail transit products in the industry. According to the needs of the market and customers, it has developed a rail transit solution bis-6640 that can be embedded with automatic ticket checking, ticket selling, gate and information monitoring This rail transit scheme has the advantages of low power consumption, easy expansion and high stability, and is suitable for use in harsh industrial sites. At the beginning of 2010, the digital signage products of North China industrial control participating in CES exhibition were not limited to bis-6550. The high-definition digital signage products bis-6560 and bis-6561 of ice wing series were favored by overseas customers in this exhibition

embedded computer bis-6560

in addition, a storage product ds-1600 was still very popular in this exhibition. The large capacity and high security of this product allow visitors not to ignore. Ds-1600 adopts fashionable and beautiful modular design, which is composed of intelligent panel and cabinet and controller module. 3U height standard shelf case, with good sealing, dust prevention, heat dissipation, shock resistance and EMC performance. The machine provides 16 hard disk bits, supports 3.5-inch SAS or SATA interface hard disks, and can support 256 hard disks at most; With the help of the redundancy brought by variable components, power supplies and fans, the operational reliability is improved. "This product can be of great use in radio, film and television groups and data monitoring departments." There were customers on site who praised it

At the exhibition site of the modular intelligent storage system ds-1600

he also visited the domestic high-speed rail project and related enterprises. Allied market research, a research company, gave a report that the predictive control series of embedded industrial motherboards and traditional chassis were also a beautiful scenery on the booth. Many embedded industrial motherboards use Intel processors with low power consumption, high performance and great differentiation. They can be embedded in various devices and are used in many industries, such as industrial automation control, rail transit, safety monitoring, consumer electronics, digital home, bank self-service terminals, medical and axis vertical electronics, power and coal

North China industrial control has participated in CES exhibitions for many times, which will bring new surprises to global customers, and strive to achieve more breakthroughs in innovative ideas and launch more innovative high-quality technical products in 2010

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