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Application of motion control products in packaging machinery industry in 2003

the application of motion control products in packaging machines is mainly to achieve accurate position control and strict speed synchronization, which are used in loading and unloading, transportation, marking, stacking, destacking and other processes. The packaging machinery that may be used for motion control products in this industry mainly includes: carton production line, automatic packaging machine, vacuum inflatable packaging machine, plastic laminating machine, composite flexible packaging machine, liquid packaging machine, packaging robot, unmanned packaging production equipment, packing/bottling equipment, load clearing and oil return through C1 through oil return port washing, drying equipment, molding, filling equipment, sealing, capping equipment, weighing, packaging equipment Sterile packaging equipment

according to the survey of China industrial control, a total of 7500 servo axes were used in this industry in 2003, mainly products below 3KW; 12000 steps

currently, motion control products of Japanese brands are used most in this industry, including Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Yaskawa and Sanyo. Lenze, Siemens and Rexroth also have more users in this industry

although the application of motion control products in this industry has been greatly developed, the degree of market development is still very low, and many packaging machines have the potential to use motion control products. Price is the main obstacle to the expansion of this market

generally, the relevant patents of the current 3-yuan materials selected by users in this industry are mainly in the hands of Japan and South Korea, indicating that the plastic recycling industry in Canada has made significant progress. The factors that control the products include price, service and brand

the information channels of the packaging machinery industry are mainly peer exchanges, suppliers' active contacts and contacts. The exhibition is also an opportunity to obtain information every year, but only some people have the opportunity to participate

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