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Industrial blockchain should not rush to avoid the emergence of the concept of empty shell

recently, the word blockchain has frequently appeared in the spotlight. This technology, originally born in the financial field, is quietly changing the application scenarios and operating rules of many industries. After the combination of financial services, logistics management, smart city and other application scenarios with blockchain, industrial manufacturing has also caught the ride of blockchain, and is using blockchain technology to create a networked and collaborative smart contract platform in the field of industrial manufacturing. So, what contribution will industrial blockchain make to the construction of digital economy in China? What are the necessary hurdles to go through from concept to landing

blockchain helps solve some pain points in the industrial field

blockchain comes from finance and is also naturally suitable for finance. The birth of new technologies will naturally lead to the pursuit of international giants. Microsoft, IBM, Amazon and Deloitte have launched their own blockchain as a service (baas) to preempt the layout in the blockchain field. On June 18 this year, Facebook launched a global, distributed and programmable general underlying financial infrastructure project called Libra

in fact, blockchain application scenarios extended from the financial field are very diverse, including product traceability, politics and people's livelihood, electronic deposit certificates, supply chain management and other scenarios, which have taken the lead in exploring and achieved certain results. Industrial manufacturing is a new version of blockchain application, and it also occupies an important part of China's GDP

according to the 2018 GDP released by the National Bureau of statistics, the added value of China's secondary industry in 2018 was 36483.5 billion yuan, accounting for 39.7%. Obviously, the development of industrial blockchain will have a significant impact on a country's industrial output value and economic and social development, which has attracted great attention of all countries. It is understood that on September 18 this year, the German Ministry of economy and energy and the Ministry of Finance jointly released the German national blockchain strategy. The federal government of Germany believes that the development of blockchain technology is the main task of the industry, and is currently committed to developing industrial blockchain solutions

Liu Quan, director of CCID think tank Network Security Research Institute and President of CCID blockchain Research Institute, pointed out to China electronic news that with the support of industrial interconnection technology, industrial manufacturing has derived a variety of application types, including intelligent decision-making, intelligent logistics and supply chain, intelligent factory, intelligent workshop, intelligent equipment, intelligent products, etc. Today, the development of this field still faces many pain points, such as the inability to properly manage production equipment, the data blocking of intelligent manufacturing information management system, special engineering plastics such as high-performance thermoplastic polyester, and the vulnerability of network safety and equipment safety to destruction. Theoretically, the exploration and application of blockchain in the industrial field will solve these pain points. The distributed data storage mechanism, peer-to-peer network topology, cryptography technology application and flexible expansion mechanism of blockchain can solve the problems of data islands, network and terminal security, and common governance and sharing of important equipment in intelligent manufacturing

Wu Tong, deputy director of cecbc blockchain special committee of the Ministry of Commerce and Dean of the school of Digital Economics and business, said in an interview with China electronic news that the industrial manufacturing link after the blockchain increase will not need human intervention, and can realize smooth production, and even avoid the impact of macroeconomic fluctuations, which is conducive to the formulation of long-term plans

industrial blockchain still needs the cooperation of artificial intelligence and other technologies

although the concept is so popular, the technology and application of industrial blockchain are still in the embryonic stage, and there is still a long way to go before it is truly implemented. In fact, the industrial manufacturing industry is still relatively traditional, and the informatization level is lower than that in finance and other fields. The logic and business scenario of blockchain transformation are still poor. Therefore, industrial manufacturing has not been included in the rigid demand scenario of blockchain. Wu Tongxiang said that industrial blockchain technology itself is very meaningful. Industrial manufacturing is the foundation of digital economy construction, and the output value accounts for a high proportion of GDP, which is an inevitable development trend

looking at the development of Internet, there are decades of accumulation, but the rise of industrial Internet is less than a decade. It can be seen that industry is a relatively slow link transformed by informatization and intellectualization. In Wu Tong's view, the same is true of industrial blockchain. The era of industrial blockchain has not really arrived, and the technology accumulation and application scenario mode are still relatively scarce, but we should make plans early

Wu Tong said that the transformation role of blockchain technology alone in the industrial manufacturing field is actually weak. On the one hand, industrial blockchain needs a long-term development process to effectively empower industries and promote the development of the real economy. On the other hand, the technology and infrastructure of ASTM B611 need to be mature, and how to interact with other information technologies also needs to be considered

what kind of high molecular weight PLA can be produced by the combination of blockchain and other technologies? There are still some limitations: 1) PLA synthesis requires high monomer purity, complex process, precise reaction process control and high-tech reaction? Wu Tong gave a vivid example. In the field of industrial manufacturing, AI plays the role of productivity, blockchain plays the role of regulating production relations, and big data is the means of production. As a means of production, the data information obtained by big data technology acts on AI through the incentive mode and distribution principle of blockchain, so that AI can touch these data and play a comprehensive driving role. This cannot be solved by a single blockchain technology, because it is difficult to integrate the physical world under the chain and the digital world on the chain, and requires the cooperation of other technologies

industrial blockchain should not be rushed

in recent years, the number of research institutions related to industrial blockchain technology has increased, and the exploration of technology and application is being actively carried out, especially the development of industrial blockchain technology and application fields led by internet giants. In November, 2018, Alibaba cloud released supet industrial Internet platform, which wants to provide manufacturing quality traceability and supply chain management services through blockchain. In August 2019, Xinhua three Technology Co., Ltd. proposed omtrace, an optical module traceability chain specially established for optical module anti-counterfeiting, and proposed a blockchain solution for optical module traceability and anti-counterfeiting in combination with anti-counterfeiting label technology, establishing tamper proof shared data information and whole process transaction records

the competitive layout of the industry means that the industry is profitable behind it. Blockchain still has many untapped opportunities in the industrial manufacturing industry, which contains huge imagination space, but it gives many enterprises and institutions the opportunity to forge ahead blindly. Wu Tongxiang said during the analysis that in the early stage of the industry, we must not be too hasty, and we should avoid the emergence of the concept of empty shell. Last year, blockchain concept stocks ushered in explosive growth in the capital market, but too much water caused criticism. After verification, it was found that many blockchain listed companies are actually empty shells of concepts

Yan Binfeng said that for the high-quality development of industrial blockchain, first, we should increase the basic theoretical research of technology, strengthen the formulation of international and industrial standards, and cultivate blockchain technical talents. Second, we should strengthen technology and application research and development, improve the supporting technology system of industrial blockchain, and carry out pilot projects in specific application fields. Third, we should standardize the service to the real economy and cultivate industry leaders, leading enterprises and industrial ecology. Fourth, the government needs to play the role of overall planning and coordination, develop development policies to promote the application of blockchain technology, especially in the industrial field, and guide the healthy development of the industry by setting up special funds and issuing policies

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