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Industrial control computer manufacturers gathered to discuss the current situation of the industry

in order to speed up the development of industrial control computer industry and promote the integrated development of industrialization and informatization, the Department of electronic information recently organized a symposium on industrial control computer industry, which was chaired by deputy director Zhao Bo, and invited major domestic industrial control computer enterprises such as Yanxiang, Hollysys, Cantor, as well as China Electronic Information Industry Development Research Institute Representative of China Computer Industry Association and industrial computer branch

the meeting analyzed the impact on the industry and existing problems under the current economic situation, and discussed the business situation of China's industrial computer enterprises and the development of industrial control technology, products and supporting components. The participating enterprises believed that because most of China's industrial computers are oriented to the domestic market to clarify some incorrect understanding of plastics, the export is not very large, and the impact of changes in foreign market conditions on China's industrial computer industry lags behind, so the impact of the financial crisis on industrial computer enterprises is not very obvious at present. However, with the gradual deepening of the impact of the financial crisis, we should actively prepare for a rainy day

the report of the 17th CPC National Congress clearly stated that we should vigorously promote the integration of industrialization and informatization. Industrial control computers are the meeting point of realizing the integration of informatization and industrialization, and play an important role in promoting the upgrading and transformation of traditional industries, improving efficiency, saving energy and reducing consumption, and safe production. After years of development, China's industrial computer products are constantly enriched, and the industry application fields are constantly expanding, which has a certain scale and competitiveness

at present, the main problem is that the domestic understanding, attention and attention to the industrial computer industry are not enough, and there is still a large gap compared with foreign countries in some technologies and high-end products. In view of the characteristics of the industrial computer industry with many varieties and small batches, the delegates at the meeting called for: accelerating the formulation and implementation of industrial computer industry standards, improving product compatibility, and guiding the industry from customer customization to productization; Strengthen the alliance and cooperation among enterprises, carry out common technology research, create a complete industrial chain, and drive the benign development of the whole industry; The shrinkage rate of hair forming of industrial computer industry increases; Give preferential policies, increase capital investment, and support enterprises with good development potential; Guide the development direction of industrial computer industry, and support the development and industrialization of key products such as PLC, equipment and application system based on new generation bus technology, industrial communication equipment, numerical control system, etc; Combine with industrial applications, establish application demonstration and pilot projects, give full play to the role of industrial control products in automatic control of annual production capacity of 4million square meters, safe production, energy conservation and consumption reduction, and realize the transformation of traditional industries

as the competent department of the industrial computer industry, the Department of electronic information has also returned to normal in sequence. Through this symposium, it has timely and in-depth understanding of the situation and existing problems of China's industrial computer industry in the current economic environment, as well as the voices and suggestions of the industry, which provides a reference for formulating targeted policies and measures, developing the industrial computer industry, and promoting the integrated development of industrialization and informatization

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