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Industrial clusters break into the market, "Mapo glass" leads the country

Jiangsu provincial Party committee and provincial government implement the strategy of revitalizing Xuzhou's old industrial base, which has injected a strong impetus into the new round of development of Xuzhou, and also provided opportunities for the rapid development of Mapo town glass technology industrial park. Mapo Town firmly seized this opportunity to promote the sound and rapid development of the park, and strive to build a fully functional and the country's largest daily-use glass production base. Mapo Town Glass Industrial Park, founded in 1984, is one of the earliest industrial parks in Northern Jiangsu. In recent years, with the care and support of Tongshan County Party committee and government, and the unremitting efforts of the town Party committee and government, the park economy has been growing and the agglomeration effect has become increasingly obvious. So far, it has accepted 57 projects dominated by all kinds of glass bottles and associated enterprises, with a total investment of 1billion yuan, an annual output of 5billion glass bottles of all kinds, and a sales revenue of 3billion yuan. Its products sell well all over the country and are exported to more than 10 countries such as Japan, South Korea, Britain and the United States

accurately position, speed up the promotion, and constantly improve the supporting functions of the park

first, strengthen planning. Planning is an important basis for the scientific construction of the park. Mapo Town always takes the planning and design of the park as the primary work of the park construction, and takes the glass industry as the leading industry to complete the functions of automatic control and automatic measurement of the experimental process, and vigorously cultivate key industries and advantageous industries. In 2007, Bengbu Glass Research Institute was hired to make the glass industry planning for the park and passed the expert demonstration; The environmental impact assessment report of the park commissioned by Jiangsu Academy of Environmental Sciences has also passed the demonstration of provincial and municipal experts. At present, the park has been listed as one of the top ten characteristic industrial parks in Xuzhou, and the municipal park is expected to be approved in the near future, so as to lay a solid foundation for the scientific development of the park

second, speed up construction. Increase investment in infrastructure construction and strive to build a first-class industrial park. Invest 370000 yuan to improve the three main roads in the park and realize the "two vertical and four horizontal" connection; Invest 1million yuan to update the whole line of 115 and 113 lines dedicated to power in the park, and complete dual circuit power supply; Invest 800000 yuan to renovate the sewage pipe in the park. At present, the industrial production and residential living areas in the park are separated and independent, and the infrastructure in the built-up area has achieved "seven supplies and one leveling", with a hardened area of 6. 40000 square meters, with a greening area of 8000 square meters. In the next step, we will actively promote dock construction. At present, the dock in the park covers an area of 12 mu, with a daily throughput of 260 tons. Mapo Town strives to squeeze the dock construction into the development plan of Xuzhou port. The scale is planned to be expanded to 60 mu, with a daily throughput of 800 tons and an annual transportation capacity of 300000 tons, so as to reduce the transportation costs of enterprises in the park

third, strengthen management. In accordance with the requirements of strengthening leadership, centralizing functions, streamlining and efficient, and providing high-quality services, we should effectively strengthen management and gradually move towards standardization and rationalization. Formulate and improve a series of supporting preferential policies, further transform government functions, and provide high-quality and efficient services. Establish and give full play to the role of glass industry associations, strengthen complementarity and internal relations among enterprises, lengthen and extend the industrial chain, and drive regional economic development with advantageous plate economy. At the same time, we will actively work with the China Japan better people's Government interface Glass Association to strive to become a governing unit and use its information, technology, policy and other advantages to speed up the development of the glass industry

attract large and strong enterprises, upgrade and upgrade, and constantly expand the economic scale of the park

focus on expanding and strengthening the park, focus on introducing a number of projects with advanced technology, strong core competitiveness and great driving effect, mainly focusing on the glass industry, cultivate industry leaders, speed up technological innovation, and improve market competitiveness

first, introduce large projects and cultivate industry leaders. Introduce investment 1. Jiangsu Shengli Glass Co., Ltd., with an annual output of 400million beer bottles, has built two kilns with an area of 58 square meters. The completion of the project marks a leap in the production of glass bottles in Mapo Town from ordinary glass packaging to pressure glass containers, filling the gap in the production of pressure glass containers in the park. Huayang Glass Technology Co., Ltd. invested 80million yuan to introduce the deep processing technology of glass, with an annual processing of 80million frosting, flower baking, sand blasting, spraying, gold plating and silver plating glass bottles, filling the gap in the deep processing of glass in the park. At the same time, for the better and faster development of the glass industry, the total investment 2 is introduced. 300 million yuan, with an annual output of 1. The project of Xuzhou Everbright Gas Co., Ltd. with 200million cubic meters of gas can meet the gas consumption of 15 glass kiln production lines, and realize the centralized gas supply and heat supply of glass production enterprises in the park, which not only conforms to the national industrial policy, but also achieves energy conservation and emission reduction

second, speed up technological innovation and improve the level of enterprises. In recent years, Mapo Town has continuously strengthened its technological transformation, promoted the upgrading of enterprises in the park, and accelerated the transformation from labor-intensive to technology intensive. First of all, we should speed up the technological upgrading of enterprises and change earth kilns and semi-automatic kilns into fully automatic, all gas and electrified flow production lines. Secondly, improve the grade of products, guide enterprises to develop from medium and low-grade products to high value-added glass products and daily craft glass supplies, speed up the introduction of crystal glass, craft glass, conductive film glass, optical glass and other production lines, and improve the grade and level of the glass industry

third, improve R & D capabilities, help enterprises build technology research platforms with colleges and universities and glass research institutes, cooperate with glass research institutions in Bengbu, Anhui, Shanghai and other places, establish an interactive win-win mechanism between industry, University and research, and overcome technical problems

integrate resources, overcome difficulties and overcome difficulties, and constantly stimulate the development vitality of the park

in view of the "bottleneck" of capital, land and other constraints in the current economic development of the park, the Party committee and government of Mapo Town should face up to the difficulties and increase support for the park. First, we should think about whether the local devices of the main body of the experimental machine are vertical, try our best to solve the problems, and promote the rapid development of the park

first, innovative thinking and focus on solving the problem of land constraints. On the one hand, make good use of "old". Reasonable layout, make full use of the existing industrial land in the park and the original old factory buildings, guide enterprises to build multi-storey factory buildings, improve the land utilization rate while saving equipment investment, and maximize the benefits of land use. For some idle land, the town government pays rent to "collect and store" to provide convenience for foreign investors. On the other hand, develop "new". For the 2000 mu coal mining subsidence land confirmed by the provincial and municipal authorities, actively coordinate funds for development and renovation. At the same time, tentacle extension, do a good job in the development and renovation of lake and beach land, and provide land resources for the project construction while protecting the ecological environment

second, actively coordinate and strive to solve the problem of fund shortage. Due to the lack of effective capital investment, the construction progress of some projects is not fast, and some projects cannot reach production and efficiency in time after completion. Some enterprises even dare not accept large orders and long-term orders in production. In response to this situation, the town Party committee and government, through the coordination of the municipal Banking Regulatory Commission and the Municipal Federation of industry and commerce, invited relevant bank principals, presidents of relevant associations and entrepreneurs to visit and inspect the park, so that they could understand the production and sales of enterprises in the park, understand the development status and investment prospects of enterprises, so as to obtain understanding and support and solve financial problems for enterprises. Coordinate and guide enterprises to take advantage of the flexibility of bank loans from Bank of Jiangsu, commercial banks, suburban credit cooperatives and other banks, and actively strive for capital investment. Through various efforts, Bank of Jiangsu and other financial institutions have provided nearly 20million yuan of credit funds for enterprises in the park. At the same time, through the glass industry association, guide the enterprises in the park to strive for loans in the form of mutual guarantee, so as to realize resource sharing and make up for the weak with the strong, so as to alleviate the lack of funds of a few enterprises and achieve a win-win situation

third, actively coordinate and strive to solve the problem of homogeneous competition. Encourage enterprises to carry out scientific and technological innovation. Each enterprise develops different products, improves the scientific and technological content and added value of products, avoids the singularity and repetition of products, and realizes differential competition. Give full play to the role of the association, reasonably coordinate the sales areas of enterprise products, form a scientific and reasonable sales network in the domestic and foreign markets, stipulate the minimum protection price of the same product, avoid mutual price depression and vicious competition, and maximize the interests of products, so as to protect the park with enterprises, promote enterprises with parks, and realize the joint construction, common prosperity, and win-win of parks and enterprises

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