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North China industrial control assisted in the construction of embedded courses and experiments

from July 27 to 29, the 2011 senior seminar for young backbone teachers of colleges and universities and the 2011 Intel embedded system course teacher training, hosted by the University Cooperation Department of Intel (China) Co., Ltd. and organized by the school of computer science and design of Beijing University of technology, were successfully held in Beijing University of technology

as a partner of Intel and the only provider of embedded experimental platform, North China industrial control was invited to participate in this training forum. Zeng Wei, deputy general manager of North China industrial control, introduced the planned project of North China industrial control University at the meeting. Yan Huagang, the project manager, gave technical training to college teachers and students and industry experts attending the meeting on the latest atom based embedded experimental platform lab-8903, Through this training meeting, North China industrial control deeply understands the needs of colleges and universities, and continues to make efforts to cultivate the most competitive embedded technology talents

the 2011 Intel embedded system course co construction teacher training included 52 universities, more than 70 teachers, the most powerful experimental platform supplier in the embedded field and the majority of media. Wang Jingqi, the person in charge of the Intel university cooperation project, introduced the Intel (China) embedded university cooperation project, and put forward ardent suggestions for the future development of embedded education and embedded experimental platform providers. The electronic universal experimental machine of Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. is a new generation of precision experimental machine produced by our company. We hope to provide considerate services. North China industrial control has long-term cooperation with Intel, The embedded experimental platform based on Intel Atom was highly recognized by Intel experts and college teachers and students at the training meeting

Zeng Wei, deputy general manager of North China industrial control, made a wonderful speech on the launch of the planned project of North China industrial control University and its support for embedded education. Mr. Zeng pointed out that the training of embedded technology talents and the research and development of embedded experimental platform are the key parts of the planned project of North China University of industrial control. With the strong support of Intel, North China industrial control, combined with its own resource advantages, tackles the research and development of embedded experimental platform. The purpose of doing these works is to help the embedded field cultivate more talents who keep pace with the times and have competitive strength. North China industrial control is also facing new challenges and sublimation in the field of scientific research universities and other fields that have worked hard to promote the development of embedded education in the future

in this training meeting, the project cooperation manager of North China University of industrial control planned to carry out technical training for the newly developed embedded experimental platform lab-8903, which is conducive to college teachers to better master the operating steps and methods of the experimental platform and guide teaching. Students can collide with more design inspiration and better master the embedded technology courses through the platform experiments

North China industrial control embedded experimental platform lab-8903 is composed of touch screen, main control board, storage hard disk, power supply and other parts. The platform is customized by North China Industrial Control for embedded teaching experiments in Colleges and universities, with a large number of expandable interfaces reserved. It has the advantages of convenient operation, flexible expansion, simple maintenance and so on. At the same time, North China industrial control also designs some test cases for the platform in combination with embedded experimental teaching in Colleges and universities, which is convenient for teachers and students to refer to. In addition, the platform adopts fan free design, low power consumption, high performance and strong stability, which greatly improves the operability of experimental teaching

lab-8903 embedded test platform motherboard specification:

chipset: support Intel E620 + eg20t

system memory: On-board DDR2 1GB memory

rhetech is located in Whitmore lake, Michigan. Display interface: support vga+lvds independent dual display

storage interface: support 2 standard SATA II interfaces

i/0 interfaces: support 2 ports, 4 USB2.0 interfaces, 1 SD card interface, 1 minipcie interface, 1 PCIe_ 1 interface, 1 pc/104 interface, 3 COM ports, 1 LPT interface, 4-in-4-out GPIO interface

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