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Application of nanotechnology in raw and auxiliary materials of corrugated box (I) the biggest feature of nano paper and paperboard nano paper is that it has the corresponding nano function at the time of paper forming. It is a technology with the best effect and the lowest cost in corrugated box packaging technology, and its application prospect is quite optimistic

1. using superhydrophobic nanostructures and coating technology, the hydrophobicity and surface strength of paper are improved, and the process is simple. Superhydrophobic nanostructure coating technology and its application in paper products are the first in China. In addition to the original writing, copying and other functions of the paper, this nano paper also has the special properties of super water moisture resistance, improving the printing surface strength and reducing the expansion rate that Xitong paper does not have. When water is poured on it, it will roll freely like a lotus leaf. And the increased cost is only about 10% of the cost of ordinary paper

2. Binary synergetic nano interface materials strive to extend binary synergism to nano interfaces, and study new interface physical properties. The basic principle of super Bi sparse interface physical properties materials (or super amphiphilic nano materials) is to build nano-sized and geometrically complementary (such as convex and concave) interface structures on specific surfaces, and its low concave surface can stabilize the adsorbed gas atoms and molecules, On the macro surface - L The purpose of the book is to have a stable gas film, so that oil or water cannot be in direct contact with the surface of the material, so that the surface of the material presents extraordinary double hydrophobicity. At this time, the contact angle between the water drop or oil drop and the interface tends to be the maximum. In the field of packaging materials, paper products, cartons, films, etc. have also achieved strange superhydrophobic and superhydrophobic effects.

3. Polyamide water-soluble polymer, which is similar to Sumitomo sumj-rca636 in Japan and Sumitomo in the United States Nophell616 is a similar product. The product can be widely used in the coating formulation of all kinds of coated paper, and can effectively improve the wet adhesion strength, wet wear resistance and ink acceptance of the finished paper; It can also improve the anti foaming performance and provide excellent gloss and covering performance; The printing surface strength is significantly improved, especially suitable for high pH coating systems containing satin white and light calcium carbonate. The application effect is twice that of amino resin water repellent

(II) application of nano ink and UV nano varnish

nanoparticles play an increasingly important role in the packaging and printing industry. Nano ink is compatible with all aspects of performance. Due to the strong UV resistance and catalytic performance of SiO, (silicon dioxide), Rio, (titanium dioxide) at the nano scale, the sun resistance of nano modified ink synthesized by special processing chemical reaction can generally be improved by 2-3 grades, and the heat resistance and adhesion fastness are significantly improved. Adjust the formula to make environmental friendly ink; Adding heat sensitive and nano particles can also replace chemical pigments to make printing inks. This production system uses nano particle printing inks with uniform particles. The prepared inks are bright in color, pure in hue, non-toxic and tasteless. Nano inks have a promising application prospect in offset printing, gravure printing, flexo printing and making color paper boxes and cartons

nano UV glazing oil: the technology of surface gloss treatment of paper packaging products is gradually developing towards UV curing UV glazing. Nano UV glazing oil makes color corrugated boxes wear-resistant, scratch resistant, moisture-proof, high gloss and other properties. Nano UV varnish is mainly composed of nano oligomers (such as epoxy acrylic acid), active diluents, photoinitiators and other additives. There are many ways of UV glazing, including glazing by glazing machine and printing machine, roller coating or printing

(III) application of nano adhesives

1. Adhesives and sealants are important products in the field of packaging, with a wide range of applications. Nano TiO, as an additive, has been added to adhesives and sealants abroad to greatly improve their performance. Its mechanism is that a layer of organic material is coated on the surface of nano TiO to make it hydrophilic. When it is added to the sealant, a silica structure, nano TiO, will soon form a complex structure, but the bonding effect will be improved under the pen of Nokia and Apple iPhone 5C. In addition, due to the small particle size, the sealing property of the adhesive is increased

2. Due to the addition of 50-70m rubber particles into the resin, the nano adhesive not only improves the physical and chemical indicators such as sealing strength, shear strength and heat aging, but also greatly expands its application field. It is known as the "universal adhesive" in the 21st century and is a great achievement of bonding technology

3. Nano anti-counterfeiting glue. Adjust the concentration of calf thymus DNA to 600ng/UL, detect the concentration of anti-counterfeiting DNA extracted by agarose electrophoresis, take 18ul calf thymus DNA, add 2ul anti-counterfeiting DNA, dilute in gradient in turn, and add 0.1g glue. The calf thymus DNA concentration in the glue is 100ul/UL, and the anti-counterfeiting DNA concentration decreases by 10 times. Stir and mix with fine iron wire, take 2ul of ultra pure water that is thicker than 100ul, and vortex and mix evenly. 2ul was taken as the template and detected by 20ul PCR reaction system. The maximum detection limit is 10-lrg/UL. Apply the glue evenly on the paper, dry it naturally, cut 10mm2 with a sharp blade, and put it into the 20p.1 reaction system for detection. The maximum detection limit is 10-11g/ul glue. Use a pin to scratch the paper coated with glue, add 50ta ultra pure water, soak it at 65 degrees for loomin, and take the supernatant as the template after centrifugation. PCR reaction shows that the maximum detection limit is also 10 LLG/clear 1 glue

(IV) other applications

1. Nanoparticles have the ability to absorb ultraviolet light. Plastic packaging products are easy to age and become brittle under UV irradiation, if on the surface of plastic packaging materials; Apply a layer of transparent coating containing nano particles, which has strong ultraviolet absorption performance in the nm range, so as to prevent the aging of plastic packaging, which greatly increases the use and life of plastic packaging (such as packaging, wrapping of large equipment and corrugated box packaging film, etc., when used, there is no need to tear open the packaging bag)

at present, there are two kinds of packaging materials with good UV absorption. One is 30~40nm TiO: resin film of nanoparticles; The other is alcohol containing resin film with 1%20 nanoparticles. The former has a strong absorption capacity for ultraviolet light within 400nm wavelength, and the latter has a strong absorption capacity for ultraviolet light within 600rim wavelength (1) remove the lower pressure plate and dust cover; Ultraviolet light has good absorption energy. 1. A good tensile machine generally adopts the brand's computer power. This light absorbing material made by nanotechnology will become a substitute for traditional packaging materials, creating technical conditions for the modification and functional protection of packaging materials

2. Japan uses ink to develop biodegradable plastics. This polylactic acid plastic sheet can be biodegradable at a controllable rate. Its degradable plastic film can be applied to the lamination of color carton and carton surface paper printing to improve the appearance effect and is suitable for environmental protection. Biodegradable polymer materials can improve the barrier property and expand the application range of biodegradable packaging materials by integrating nano particles into the polymer lattice structure

3. the United States applies nano water repellent to the inner layer of cartons, which can put beer into cartons with ice. The surface of cartons with water repellent is not adhered to water, which is environmentally friendly and moisture-proof

source: China new packaging

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