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North China industrial control industrial computer technology helps the stable and safe operation of substations

with the arrival of hot summer, air conditioners, fans, refrigerators and other sharp tools to cool and dispel summer heat have begun to appear one after another, which are heavily used, and the electricity consumption around is also reduced. 3 The experimental error meets the national standard and rises all the way. This power consumption is approaching the peak again and again, which is also testing the bearing capacity of our substation and transformer. 5. The maximum temperature of the leaf spring platform surface in the experiment should not exceed 150 ℃. Therefore, ensuring the stable and reliable operation of the substation is the focus of the power sector in summer. North China industrial control, the leader of industrial control computer, can provide technical support in embedded computer hardware for the safe and reliable operation of substations

it has always been a heavy responsibility to ensure the stability and reliability of power consumption, especially in summer. Nowadays, with the help of scientific and technological means, the substation can be controlled in real time. With the help of intelligent monitoring system, the power department can easily realize the functions of data acquisition, numerical calculation, data distribution and remote equipment monitoring and management of the substation. Once there is a serious fault, the control center can immediately organize the aluminum processing enterprises in Huaibei City to conduct in-depth docking with BYD's procurement department and arrange personnel to remove the fault

in order to ensure the stability and safety of substation operation, strict standards and high thresholds are also applied in the selection of intelligent management hardware for substations. Therefore, the industry generally selects industrial embedded computers to support the management and control platform

North China industrial control, a first-line brand in the industrial computer industry, has proposed the following substation real-time monitoring technology solutions after in-depth communication and technical research with the power department and the power equipment R & D department:

1 Choose a high-performance embedded computer based on x86 architecture such as Intel or AMD as the protocol related application, which can reliably manage multiple devices running different protocols, such as IED, RTU and protection monitoring equipment

2. Choose a high-performance embedded computer with x86 architecture as the front-end communication gate, which can perform protocol conversion and front-end computing and data acquisition tasks

3. The x86 architecture high-performance embedded computer is selected as the back-end host of the power substation. After using the embedded computer of North China industrial control, all systems are integrated into the central management system. In the power substation, when the energy has become the focus of attention, engineers and operators can use the remote control computer to retrieve data and monitor its system

North China industrial control's new generation ice fin structure embedded system bis-6910f based on Intel skylake-u processor can meet the requirements of the substation monitoring and management system platform for industrial control computers in terms of strong processing capacity, stable performance, easy maintenance and upgrading, dust prevention, low radiation, anti-interference, strong electromagnetic compatibility, anti vibration, etc. This highly reliable and high-performance embedded industrial control computer, with its rich USB, serial port, parallel port, audio, port and multi display interface, can connect various external devices for data transmission, backup and input. At the same time, it ensures the flexible expansion performance of the system. The whole fan free design and solid structure ensure the dust-proof, fast, low radiation, anti-interference, strong electromagnetic compatibility and other technical demands of the industrial computer

now, the temperature is gradually rising in summer. In the next oneortwo months, you will face multiple peak periods of power consumption, which is a great test for power equipment such as substations. Only by ensuring the stable, safe and reliable operation of these power equipment can we ensure that our power consumption will not be affected. North China Industrial Control Co., Ltd. is famous for its industrial computer products, which fully promote the intelligent, information-based, efficient and scientific management and maintenance of power facilities such as substations

Introduction to North China industrial control:

North China industrial control, a leader in the professional computer industry and a leader in the field of industrial control computers. We have been deeply engaged in the industrial computer industry for decades, and our quality and reputation have won high praise from the industry and the market. The main products of North China industrial control include industrial CPU card, embedded industrial motherboard, embedded quasi system, industrial chassis, integrated workstation, industrial tablet computer (PPC), network security quasi system, disk array, passive backplane, industrial power supply and industrial computer accessories

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