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North China industrial control: has WiFi from 10000 meters high been used? If I ask this, I'm expected to be drooled by many people. Yes, nowadays, with the popularity of various intelligent terminals such as smart and tablet computers, the importance of WiFi is becoming increasingly prominent. In the past, when I went to a new place, I asked everyone about food and accommodation; Nowadays, when you go to hotels, airports, shopping malls and other places, all you ask for is WiFi. But if I venture to ask, sir, have you ever used WiFi on an airplane? It is estimated that you will reply: even if I laugh a little low, you don't have to flirt with me with freezing points! How can I use WiFi when I'm flying and I'm sleeping? Besides, is there WiFi on the plane?

whether WiFi services are provided on the plane above 10000 meters has always been the focus of attention. Just imagine that flying at an altitude of 10000 meters for a long time, especially intercontinental flights, sometimes takes up dozens of hours. If you spend time by sleeping, it will be very abusive. If WiFi is available, the flight will not be very boring. So is it safe to use WiFi on the plane? If it has an impact on flight safety, even if you have toothache when you are idle on the plane, you can't be happy for a while. However, this should not be a problem. As long as it is in accordance with the requirements of the airline, it will not pose any threat to flight

domestic airlines such as Air China and HNA have opened WiFi services on some of their lines for passengers to use, so there are no safety concerns about using WiFi on planes. However, due to the immature WiFi technology, most of them are only limited to internal transmission, and the on-board experience is also poor. It will take time to truly realize the interconnection on the aircraft. However, with the maturity and wide application of Ku technology, better aircraft WiFi is no longer a long time ago. Ku technology is also a civil aviation interconnection access technology approved by China

now that we talk about airplane WiFi, we need to talk about how to achieve WiFi on the airplane. There are mainly two ways to achieve it:

(1) the aircraft communicates network information with the 3g/4g network base station on the ground, and then converts these network signals into WiFi signals. However, such WiFi bandwidth is low and the on-board experience is poor

(2) another way is to connect the aircraft to the satellite signal. Ku band (GHz) satellite with higher frequency is the mainstream. Relatively speaking, it is not only economical, but also has higher bandwidth. It is also the current leading level. It is the mainstream way of aircraft WiFi in the future. Future WiFi devices are also developed based on this method

of course, in order to achieve the stability and efficiency of WiFi signals on high-speed airplanes, we found that the equipment was made with precision and leading technology in the continuous in-depth study of WiFi. As a device providing aircraft WiFi, its intelligent control hardware is more demanding. For ordinary civilian control hardware, it is impossible to shoulder this burden. It is necessary to seek more reliable and professional technical support for industrial computer hardware. Professional industrial control computers have the qualities of being able to adapt to various harsh environments, fan free design, high reliability and long-term stable operation, which are exactly the excellent products expected by aircraft WiFi equipment ◆ steel wires and strands are of high quality due to the hardness of the samples. North China industrial control, as a time-honored enterprise in the embedded computer industry, more than 20 years of industry experience has achieved the reputation of the quality of North China industrial control in the industry when the fixture swings left and right during the experiment. North China industrial control, at the R & D end, has a strong R & D team at the helm; At the production end, there is a leading process production line to escort; At the quality control end, it is guaranteed by the internationally advanced quality management system

nowadays, with the continuous maturity of ARM technology and hardware, many products have switched to arm under the premise of meeting the performance, choosing arm architecture processors as hardware support. For aircraft WiFi equipment, on the premise of meeting the performance, the relevant embedded computer hardware of arm architecture is preferred. This is because arm has the following absolute advantages: 1 Small size; 2. Low power consumption; 3. High performance; 4. Low cost. In terms of chip selection, we have always chosen top brands in the industry such as Freescale and NXP. This is the brand supply principle that North China industrial control has always pursued on the supply side, only for the realization of "good + good = better"

North China industrial control, with its foresight, has been paying attention to the current edge. Now it is actively forging a sword just to help the aircraft WiFi all over the air. In the future, our journey to Qingtian will not be full of boredom

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