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Industrial control enterprises gathered in 2010 Shanghai International Digital Signage exhibition as China's largest and most professional digital signage Exhibition (digital signage) will be held as scheduled at the Shanghai International Exhibition Center on June, 2010. Many well-known industrial control manufacturers from the mainland and Taiwan gathered to appear

Advantech Co., Ltd.

Advantech is a leading service provider of network platform (ePlatform) in the world. Since its establishment in 1983, Advantech has always been committed to developing and producing high-quality and high-performance networking platform products and services for the industrial computer and automation market. After more than 20 years of development, Advantech has accumulated rich experience in the network platform service market, and provides global users with comprehensive solutions for system integration hardware, software, customer service, global logistics support and e-commerce infrastructure. With the support of Advantech, the system integrator partners have well realized the value-added of their own solutions and services. The main products of this exhibition are network multimedia advertising machines

please visit booth C15 and the special seminar of Advantech at 15:30 on June 25th, 2010.

for more Advantech products, please visit:

Shenzhen North China industrial control

North China industrial control is an international group company integrating industrial computer research and development, manufacturing, sales and service. In the service of CPU card (SBC), embedded industrial motherboard, industrial chassis, passive backplane, industrial power supply, integrated workstation, industrial tablet computer (PPC), network security hardware platform, industrial computer accessories and disk array (Digital Library) and other products, North China industrial control has strong independent research and development capacity, complete product production capacity and nationwide sales and service network. At present, norco series products, an independent brand of North China industrial control, are widely used in military industry, telecommunications, metallurgy, transportation, electric power, railway, aviation, communications, finance, telecommunications, medical treatment, security and other industries

in this exhibition, Shenzhen North China industrial control will display its digital signage advertising player series products: bis-6550hd, bis6540hd, bis-6620, bis-6530, bis-6540lc, bis-6310, bis-6320

Company Address: booth number: C17

Guangji technology

Guangji technology was founded in February 2000 by a group of senior engineers with more than 10 years of experience in industrial computer research and development. Guangji specializes in oem/odm services of industrial computers, and can customize its own products according to customers' needs. Taking advantage of its advantages in design, R & D and business marketing in the field of industrial computers, Guangji obtained ISO 9001 certification in December 2001 and ISO 13485 international quality certification for medical devices in February 2009. The main products are single board computer motherboard (SBC), industrial Mo super wear-resistant motherboard, embedded board system, network security appliance, security monitoring system and intelligent image monitoring software (DVR IVS), and provide a variety of solutions, which can be used for digital billboards, game consoles, medical treatment, automation, vehicle entertainment information Endpoint sales/information stations, network communications, security monitoring and other fields

operation method of tensile testing machine: for details, please click:

Guangji technology booth No. b59 + B48, please come


IEI Technology Corp. is a major global supplier of industrial computers, system products, and odm/oem customized services. Weiqiang provides hundreds of kinds of tools. At the same time, it can provide users with a variety of experimental schemes and data processing methods according to GB, ISO, JIS, ASTM, DIN and other experimental standards. Computer motherboards, software system products and external equipment can meet the different needs of various customers

iei provides a comprehensive solution for digital multimedia advertising machines, including players, content creation software and management software. Internal players and software have been developed. IEI operates flexibly, responds quickly to your requirements, and provides technology integration, seamless services and field services at the same time

for Weiqiang and its digital signage products, please click: and

Weiqiang booth number C09

Dingyi technology

as a leading enterprise in the domestic digital signage industry, Dingyi technology DT research, Inc will participate in the Shanghai International Digital Signage exhibition again, and will display webdt's digital electronic billboard system, mobile tablet computer, compact computer and other products

please check the details:

Beijing lihualaikang Platform Technology Co., Ltd.

Beijing lihualaikang Platform Technology Co., Ltd. was established on May 15, 2003, and was approved as a high-tech enterprise in Beijing. It is a professional provider of industrial communication and network application platforms, and has a high reputation in the network security industry. Its product applications cover firewall, UTM, VPN, IDS, IPS, encryptor, network load balancing, physical isolation, accelerator card, internal security and other application fields. The company has branches in Shanghai, Shenzhen and Chengdu, and successfully passed the ISO9000:2000 certification of NQA in the UK in 2005. As the first company to focus on the special hardware platform products for network security in China, Lihua technology 2. After the sample was broken, it gathered the elites in the industry, established a professional team in system design, product engineering, production and manufacturing, technical support and marketing, and has a perfect system from early-stage scheme, small-scale trial production, mass production to after-sales service. Based on the continuous service to more than 150 customers and the provision of more than 500 product solutions, Lihua's products are all over the country, and have won the trust of customers with high cost performance. Many customers have praised Lihua as the trusted preferred partner for customization. Company address:

Taiwan digital electronic Signage Industry Promotion Association

digital electronic Signage Industry Promotion Association (DS SIG) was established in November 2008 under the joint promotion of the industry bureau of the Ministry of economic affairs of Taiwan, the Information Industry Promotion Association, CTO Club, Advantech and Costa

is committed to discussing industrial specifications and discussing compatible product specifications for various panels, displays, digital billboard players, system integration, application interfaces, etc., hoping to evolve into one of the international standards for the digital billboard industry. At the initial stage, three working groups, namely, "digital electronic billboard display, digital electronic billboard player, and industrial promotion", were set up, and the industry support office of the endowment policy committee served as the Secretariat group

ds sig booth No. C37, C48

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