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Industrial computers are developing in the direction of openness and standardization

although the competition in China's industrial computer market is fierce, the pattern is basically stable. Whether it is for the traditional IPC market of industrial control, or for embedded computers in emerging fields such as public utilities and financial electronics, domestic enterprises and Taiwan brands occupy a dominant market position

industrial computers are the core of industrial automation equipment and information industry infrastructure. In the traditional sense, industrial computers are mainly used for the measurement, control and management of industrial production processes, but today their connotation is far more than these, and their application scope has far exceeded the process control of industry 4 and manual hydraulic universal material testing machine industry, but they are used in various fields of national economic development and national defense construction

in recent years, with the vigorous development of the industries such as maleic anhydride grafted plant fibers or maleic anhydride modified polyolefin resins, acrylate copolymers, ethylene acrylic copolymers, information appliances, automobiles and medical treatment, industrial computers have penetrated into people's daily life, including intelligent buildings, traffic intelligence, on-board computers Industrial fields such as medical instruments have expanded to wireless infrastructure, network application equipment, network security, multimedia applications, financial services and other fields related to network communication and digital multimedia. At present, with the acceleration of 3C integration, three integration and enterprise informatization, industrial computers have become the core of basic equipment in the information industry, including mobile computing platform, communication computing platform with fast running speed, industrial control, commercial control, e-commerce platform and information appliances. At the same time, industrial computers can also be applied to access devices connected to the Internet

the development of industrial computer industry originated in the 1980s. Its logo drying is usually carried out with hot air dryer or heater. Its landmark product is STD bus industrial computer. STD bus is an 8-bit industrial i/o bus first developed by Pro log company and Mostek company of the United States as an industrial standard, and later absorbed by the international organization for standardization as an ieee961 standard. In 1991, the sixth Institute of electronics of the Ministry of information industry led the establishment of the stdmg/p.r.c branch of the China computer industry association to popularize STD bus in China. With the development of technology, since 1997, China's industrial computer manufacturers have begun to enter the IPC market. The application of IPC has extended from traditional industrial control to industries requiring high reliability, such as data communication and telecommunications. At present, there are about 15 IPC brands in China, mainly including Advantech, Linghua, Yanxiang, North China industrial control, etc. IPC has created a brand-new PC based era, opening the prelude of industrial automation and information technology towards an open platform

the rapid development of China's economy has brought information needs to all walks of life. China's industrial computer industry has developed rapidly. Even in the haze of the global financial storm, China's industrial computer market will still maintain rapid growth. According to the statistics of industrial computer branch of China Computer Industry Association (picmg/p.r.c), the market scale of China's industrial computer industry (excluding application systems) reached 5.5 billion yuan in 2008 and exceeded 9 billion yuan in 2010. In the next five years, China's industrial computer market is expected to maintain an average annual growth rate of more than 15%

although the competition in China's industrial computer market is fierce, the pattern is basically stable. Whether facing the traditional IPC market of industrial control or embedded computers in emerging fields such as public utilities and financial electronics, domestic enterprises and Taiwan brands occupy the dominant market position; Domestic enterprises compete with foreign brands on the same platform in terms of anti harsh environment industrial computers for railway vehicle mounted and aerospace military industries, as well as data acquisition boards and function boards that constitute industrial computer systems; In atca/mtca industrial computers for telecommunication applications, foreign brands are mainly dominant at present

domestic enterprises have made great progress in recent years relying on their keen grasp of the market segments and better service response. In particular, as the top two industrial computer enterprises in the scale of domestic brands, Yanxiang intelligence and North China industrial control have established a wide range of direct sales and service networks and achieved a faster growth rate. As the birthplace of China's industrial computer technology, the traditional IPC market for industrial control has always been the main battlefield of industrial computers. At present, Taiwan and domestic brands occupy a dominant position in this field. Foreign products have basically withdrawn from the domestic market due to high cost, high price and difficult service. This kind of products has a large output and the widest range of applications. It is the main force serving the upgrading of traditional industries and modern service industries

in emerging fields such as public utilities and financial electronics, embedded computers are a new growth point in the industrial application market in the past two years. The application boundary of embedded computer is becoming increasingly blurred. From industrial equipment, gambling, finance, retail, municipal administration, transportation to military industry, the industry is scattered and the demand is different. This reality determines that embedded computers cannot form the standardized and large-scale product model of traditional IPC. There are many industrial computer enterprises with Taiwan and domestic brands in this field. They have their own advantages in products, channels, technologies and services, representing an important development direction of industrial computer products

with the increasingly extensive application of industrial computers, market segmentation has become the common strategy of most manufacturers, which also further subdivides industrial computer technology. There are many popular open specifications, mainly including PCI-ISA, SHB, cpci/pxi, atca/mtca, vme/vpx, pc104/plus, PMC, AMC, come, ETX; Motherboards include ATX, microATX, BTX, DTX, miniitx, epic, 3-inch board, 5-inch board, etc. Luo Juan, a researcher of the industrial computer industry of the prospective industrial academy, pointed out that while the computer industry is developing rapidly in the future, its architecture has stronger interaction and interoperability, and it is a fusion platform of multiple information systems. Industrial computers will develop towards the direction of creating an open and standardized platform

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