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Industrial clusters help the development of packaging and printing enterprises

[ppzhan Abstract] the development mode of industrial clusters can greatly optimize the allocation of resources and improve the development of each part within the cluster. Kunming packaging and printing industry base gathers the packaging industry in Yunnan Province, and the upstream and downstream industrial chains are relatively perfect. From the perspective of long-term development, it has great potential

In 2005, Kunming packaging and printing industry base came into being under the background of Yunnan provincial Party committee and provincial government vigorously developing cultural industry. The whole project is located in the core development area of Guandu Industrial Park, covering an area of 5.05 square kilometers, with a total investment of 6billion yuan; After completion, nearly 300 large, medium and small enterprises will be introduced; The estimated annual output value is 16billion yuan; The annual tax paid is more than 1billion yuan; It can provide more than 30000 jobs and drive the development of local economy

according to the plan, Kunming packaging and printing industry base is divided into two phases. The construction of 2042 Mu infrastructure in phase I has been basically completed, and the investment attraction target has been 100%; As of December 31, 2012, the second phase (951) of the park has attracted 13 enterprises, with an estimated total investment of 1.257 billion, an estimated total output value of 2.11 billion, an estimated total tax of 60.5 million yuan, and an estimated employment of 2160 people

at present, a total of 90 enterprises have been introduced into the first and second phases of 3D printing in the whole Kunming packaging and printing industry base, 55 enterprises have officially started construction, 26 enterprises have been completed and put into operation, 90 projects have a total investment of about 4.3 billion yuan in the particle meter of pre oxidation wear (chemical wear or corrosion), the output value of PVC pipes with a diameter of 1m is expected to be about 8.4 billion yuan, and the tax revenue is expected to be about 300million yuan. Kunming packaging and printing industry base, which is dominated by packaging and printing industries and supplemented by other related industries, has successfully introduced a number of high-quality printing and packaging enterprises such as Yunnan zhongyun Liao packaging and Printing Co., Ltd., Kunming Xiehe packaging and Printing Co., Ltd. and Yunnan JUNHE printing and packaging Co., Ltd. into the Park. Through the exchange and cooperation between enterprises in the park, the whole industrial chain has also been gradually improved, And become the core and development highlight of Guandu Industrial Park

among these settled enterprises, one third are enterprises related to the packaging and printing industry, and have formed a certain cluster, which has become the core and development highlight of Guandu Industrial Park. Wangrongpin, deputy general manager of Kunming packaging and printing industry base management committee and Yunnan Weiquan investment and Financing Guarantee Co., Ltd., said that many enterprises are interested in the professional and market advantages of Kunming printing and Packaging City, and have come to invest and build factories

at present, Kunming packaging and printing industry base has built a set of high standard sewage treatment system and reclaimed water reuse system in the provincial industrial parks. The production wastewater produced by the production enterprises in the park is recycled after being treated by the wastewater treatment facilities of each enterprise, and basically no production wastewater is discharged. At the same time, for 2020, the application of degradable green packaging materials for express delivery will reach 50% to improve the overall image of the park in attracting investment. The park adds green plants 30 meters outside the central green belt of Wenbo Road, the green belts on both sides of the road and the land acquisition lines on both sides of Wenbo Road, and has invested in the construction of a pedestrian landscape Avenue with a height difference of nearly 70 meters and a length of 568 meters. More than 12.1 million yuan has been invested in greening alone, with a greening area of about 93 Mu and a greening rate of 35%

in the next five years, Kunming packaging and printing industry base will rely on the existing opportunities, strive to enter the southwest market, Southeast Asia and South Asia markets, and occupy a certain market share, so that the technical level and market competitiveness of enterprises in the industrial base can reach the national level, and then realize the goal of driving the province and radiating ASEAN as a modern packaging and printing center as soon as possible

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