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Application of new optical measurement system of ocean optics

new optical measurement system of ocean optics is an ideal choice for the analysis of LED, various light sources and other radiation sources

Ocean Optics now provides a new optical measurement system, which can be used for the spectral radiation analysis of LED, lamp, flat panel display, other radiation sources and solar radiation. The new jaz-ulm-200 is small in size and has a powerful microprocessor and low-power display panel. It is easy to use and widely used, and can replace standard optical meters and radiation meters

jaz is composed of a series of superimposed components, which are suitable for various purposes. Jaz-ulm-200 module includes CCD spectrometer module and microprocessor module with display panel, which can meet various radiation measurements

unlike traditional photometric instruments, Jaz users can obtain, process and store complete spectral data without computers. Just press a button not long ago for three times, and the system radiation measurement software stored on the SD card will collect complete spectral radiation information from the selected light source. Then post-processing this kind of data to give the selected intensity parameters, including w/cm2, lumen, lux, photosynthetic effective radiation (PAR) or other light intensity parameters. The three key design of the system simplifies the operation, and even if the operator is not a spectrum expert, it can carry out rapid and accurate measurement

in addition to jaz-ulm-200, which transmits the signals of the two sensors to the spectrometer and microprocessor of the computer after being processed by the data collection card (a/d), it also includes an Ethernet module, so that users can connect to Jaz through the Internet. This network function can help users realize remote measurement, such as remote measurement of solar irradiance, or establish a multi-point measurement network. The Ethernet module also has an SD memory card interface, which can store data into the SD card. In addition, Jaz can also be configured with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery module (including SD memory card interface), making Jaz a portable device. Jaz can be placed horizontally through a special installation fixture without leakage, which is convenient for manual operation

jaz additional system components include a cosine corrector directly connected to the device to collect radiation within 180 ° field of view; A packing box with shoulder straps and a lined tool box are used to place all relevant equipment. The software includes Jaz system software and jaz-a-irrad (an irradiation measurement application stored on SD card)

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