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Zhejiang xintianli container Co., Ltd. has an annual purchase amount of 25million cartons through public bidding. Release date: Source: Zhejiang xintianli container Technology Co., Ltd.

according to the needs of operation and management and the optimization of existing supply resources, Zhejiang xintianli container Technology Co., Ltd. is inviting bids for the five layer corrugated carton procurement project with an annual purchase amount of about 7.2 million cartons and a total amount of about 25million cartons. It plans to invite qualified suppliers to participate in the bidding

it is reported that Zhejiang xintianli container Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 1990, is a group company focusing on the R & D, production and sales of food containers. Headquartered in Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province, it now has more than 1300 employees, has five major production bases in the country, with an annual production capacity of 2billion yuan and sales covering the whole country

carton bidding announcement of Zhejiang xintianli container Technology Co., Ltd.

I. qualification requirements of the bidder

1. Comply with national laws and administrative regulations, and have good reputation and business ethics

2. Have a valid business license, printing license and the ability to undertake civil affairs; 1 zigzag experiment

3. It has the necessary carton production equipment and professional technical ability to perform the contract, and is the direct service provider of the bidding project

4. It has a good business reputation and has no major illegal records in business activities in the past three years

II. Bidding contents and technical requirements

Zhejiang xintianli container Technology Co., Ltd. has five layers of kraft corrugated boxes for external packaging, with an annual purchase of about 7.2 million. See the annex carton acceptance standard for details:

1. The base weight should be greater than the basic data of the sample

2. The appearance

2.1 There is no obvious color difference in the color of the same batch of cartons, and the color system is the same as that of the color code of the color manuscript. It is believed that the quality of cartons with the same specification is guaranteed without interference

2.2. The printed words, patterns and signs must be correct, complete and clear, the ink color shall be uniform, the depth shall be the same, there shall be no obvious bars, water ripples, paste plates, thick ink around, the width of both sides shall be ≤ 1mm, the bottom shall be exposed 2. The area of precautions for the use of the cold and hot impact testing machine shall be ≤ 5% of all areas

2.3. The position shall be accurate, the fold line shall be in the middle and easy to fold, the depth of the pressing line shall be appropriate, and there shall be no defects such as cracks, broken lines, difficult to re lay lines, and there shall be no excess indentation lines on the box surface

2.4. The knife edge shall be neat, no obvious paper scraps shall fall off after folding the box or during the inspection, and the distance from the cutting edge to the knife edge shall not exceed 8mm or 12mm

2.5. It is not allowed to have obvious ridge penetration or blistering; No material shortage, wrinkle, glue penetration, stain, etc. are allowed. The paperboard surface shall be flat and smooth without protruding paper impurities, and the case wall shall be free of delamination; There shall be no warpage, serious breakage, crack, stain and other phenomena; No damp, soft, moldy, unknown odor, etc

III. conditions for applying for bidding documents

interested suppliers who meet the above qualification requirements may call to obtain the bidding documents for free, and our company will send the electronic version of the bidding documents to the tenderee in the form of e-mail

IV. issuing time and receiving address of bidding documents

1. Deadline for submission of bids: May 20, 2021

2174 wallpaper, contact person and contact information: Ms. Xu; Ms. Mao

3. Mailing address: No. 2199, pengbei Avenue, Taizhou bay new area, Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang xintianli container Technology Co., Ltd.

v. time and place of bid opening

1. Place of delivery of bid: Zhejiang xintianli container Technology Co., Ltd.

2. Time of bid opening and evaluation: May 22, 2021

VI. other notes

this bidding adopts one-time bidding. The bidder shall submit a one-time bid for the bidding materials of our company within the bidding time specified by our company, and will not negotiate the bid. The first bid price and the quality and technical standard requirements of our company shall be taken as the bid determination standard. Once the bid is submitted, it shall not be destroyed, abandoned or modified. Those who fail to submit the bid within the time limit shall be deemed as waivers. No bid can be submitted again. The bid winner shall be determined after the bid opening

special instructions for the bid security:

1. The bidder must pay the bid security (tentatively RMB 10000) before bidding, and attach the scanned copy of the payment voucher of the bid security to the bidding document. If there is no scanned copy of the payment voucher of the bid security, the bid shall be deemed as invalid

2. If the bidder has any payables in our company before this bidding, if the bidder agrees to use 10000 yuan as the bid security for this bidding, please provide the bid security explanation letter (stamped with the company's official seal and scanned copy) in the bidding document, indicating that it is willing to use 10000 yuan as the bid security for this bidding

3. About the return and date:

please take the copy of the payment voucher of the bid security as one of the bidding documents. The bid security of the unsuccessful bidder shall be returned without interest within 10 working days from the date of publication of the bidding results (postponed for holidays)

4. The security will not be returned under the following circumstances:

the bidder has submitted the bid document, and withdraws the bid document or does not recognize the validity of the relevant bid document after the bid deadline and before the expiration of the validity of the bid document

after receiving the bid winning notice, the bid winning unit abandons the current bid winning

the bidder fails to sign the contract within the specified time limit due to the reason of the winning bidder

having illegal behaviors such as hoarding and collusion

account information

the bid security shall be paid through the public to public account, and private remittance is not accepted

payee: Zhejiang xintianli container Technology Co., Ltd.

Bank of deposit: Hongjia branch of Bank of Taizhou


Zhejiang xintianli container Technology Co., Ltd.


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