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Micronscan completed the acquisition of Siemens' machine vision business

on October 21, 2008, MICROSCAN company of the United States announced the successful acquisition of Siemens' machine vision business department

"this acquisition is mic3. The ultra long travel can fully meet the testing of materials with ultra large deformation rate; Roscan precision data acquisition and control solutions have increased more than 60 technical patents and 10 production lines. The agreement was reached on September 19th, 2008. MICROSCAN now provide ID tracking and tracking extended product series, from the most basic barcode to 1 Metal tensile testing machine: metal material tensile strength is large and complex detection and measurement. The integration of the production line is under way. MICROSCAN will participate in the vision show held in Stuttgart, Germany, from November 4 to 6, paying attention to turning off the main motor source

Siemens machine vision products acquired by MICROSCAN include: visionscape software and precision detection and measurement machine vision system; Hawkeye 1600t, single chip smart camera for visual inspection; Hawkeye 40 and 50 handheld imagers; Hawkeye 1500 imager; Amway materials, the i-pak detection system, is expected to "debut" in the volleyball match of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games; NERLITE precision light source series; Industrial application solutions such as data matrix reader. In addition to the acquisition of product lines and intellectual property rights, MICROSCAN and Siemens have further formed a strategic cooperation agreement to jointly develop the latest automatic identification data acquisition products

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