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Microsoft's "big action" has been increasing AI continuously

since the man-machine war of go, AI and autopilot have attracted much attention. In 2016, artificial intelligence and its related fields were hotly discussed by industry, academia and even the whole society

Microsoft's "big action" has repeatedly increased AI

20 with the approval of China's State Food and drug administration, 16 years has been called the "first year of AI", and AI has become a hot word in the industry. As a global technology giant, Microsoft's layout in AI can be traced back to the 1990s. In 1991, Microsoft started the research on AI. Bill Gates established a major task when he founded Microsoft Research Institute, which is to carry out frontier research on artificial intelligence around speech, natural language and computer vision recognition projects

times have changed. On September 30 this year, Microsoft artificial intelligence and spring fatigue testing machine, led by Dr. Shen Xiangyang, Microsoft's global executive vice president, was mainly used for low-frequency fatigue performance experiments of various coil springs. Microsoft Research Division was officially established. This department widely covers Microsoft Research Institute, Microsoft Information Platform Department, Bing and Xiaona product department, as well as environmental computing and robot team, with more than 5000 computer scientists and engineers

in addition, the epitome of artificial intelligence can also be seen in a series of products and services recently launched by Microsoft. For example, Microsoft Translator speech translation service, driven by deep neural network technology, can realize real-time translation between 9 different languages, including Chinese. It provides consumers with mobile applications of Skype translator IOS and Android, and provides developers and enterprise users with APIs for free use by third-party applications and services

under the concept of "dialogue is the platform", Microsoft also launched the "Microsoft robot framework", which has been tested and applied in CITIC Group. Based on the "Microsoft robot framework", CITIC Group, starting from the actual business needs, steel pipe and forged steel customized the chat robot service in the group's Microsoft Enterprise number, and integrated the natural semantic understanding of Microsoft cognitive service, which can understand the needs of users through dialogue and complete relevant operations

on December 1, the annual Microsoft technology conference was held in Beijing. The three-day conference will focus on cutting-edge technology hotspots such as cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, and show the innovative achievements, technology platforms, products and services from Microsoft

executive vice president of Microsoft, global sales Jean Philips goodwald, President of marketing and business operations, said: "Cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, these technological trends leading to change, go beyond the scope of traditional it, and are promoting the transformation and innovation of enterprise core businesses. As a platform and productivity company, Microsoft is committed to helping China's development with the world's leading technology platform, products and services. Together with local partners and developer ecosystems, we will jointly identify opportunities for digital transformation, create value, and explore the future Come. "

Microsoft technology conference is still hot, and on the 13th, there was another big news from Microsoft. According to techcrunch, Microsoft's venture capital department announced a "two-step" plan to show that it will enter the field of artificial intelligence with a high profile

first of all, Microsoft venture capital has set up a new fund dedicated to investing in AI start-ups, whose investment goal should be to focus on inclusive growth and start-ups that can have a positive social impact. Secondly, the first investment of this new fund has been well-known, that is, elemscultpeo, a research laboratory in Montreal, Canada, launched a new pebanbsp with high-performance thermoplastic elasticity; 3D printing material ent AI was founded by Joshua bengio, an outstanding figure in the field of AI and known as the "godfather of machine learning"

"The company invested by this fund will help people and machines work together to improve educational opportunities, teach new skills and create jobs, enhance the ability of existing employees, and improve disease treatment," said Nigel kasyap, head of Microsoft venture capital. "These are just a few examples."

kasyap also said, "AI has great potential in enhancing human capabilities and improving society. Microsoft is committed to AI Democratization under the principle of driving positive influence, and element AI shares the same methods and philosophy with us." For casyap's speech, insiders speculated that Microsoft may not only provide financial support, but also provide more practical operational support

nowadays, technology giants have made great efforts in artificial intelligence. Undoubtedly, Microsoft's series of measures are to cope with the increasingly fierce market competition, hoping to improve its own strength, compete with many powerful enterprises such as Google, linklink, apple and Intel, and seize the commanding heights of global AI

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