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Microsoft and red hat work together to set a new benchmark for Enterprise Cloud experience

ctiforum news on November 13 (Li Wenjie): Microsoft and red hat announced to work together to provide red hat solutions on azure cloud services, so that customers can get more choices and higher flexibility to meet the era of hybrid and joint venture cloud computing. Microsoft will also list Red Hat Enterprise Linux as the preferred platform for azure Enterprise Linux. The two sides will also work together to assist enterprises, independent software developers (ISVs) and developers to build, deploy and manage applications on red hat software of private and public clouds

the key points of cooperation between the two sides include:

azure customers can directly use red hat solutions. In the next few weeks, azure will become a Red Hat Certified cloud and service provider, which means that azure users can also run Red Hat Enterprise Linux applications and operations, while red hat cloud SMC and pultrusion resin access subscribers can also bring virtual machine images to azure for execution. In addition, azure users can make full use of the advantages of red hat application platform, including red hat JBoss enterprise application platform, JBoss web server, gluster storage and red hat's openshift platform as a service product. In the next few months, Microsoft and red hat will work together to provide on-demand services - providing Red Hat Enterprise Linux images priced by the number of times of use in azure

cross enterprise support of hybrid cloud. Different from the previous cooperation mode of public cloud, customers will receive cross platform and cross company support covering Microsoft and red hat products. Both parties will send their own technical support teams and settle in the same actual support center, so that customers can get cloud support more smoothly

unified management of workload on hybrid cloud: red hat cloudforms will work together with Microsoft azure and System Center Virtual Machine Manager (scvmm), so that cloudforms users can manage Red Hat Enterprise Linux on Hyper-V and azure platforms. Both parties also plan to provide support for managing azure from cloudforms in the coming months, so that system center can obtain a wider range of Red Hat Enterprise Linux management capabilities

promote the development of next generation applications Net support: Microsoft was the first to disclose in April Net on Linux, and future developers will have the opportunity to get it in red hat products. Net technical support, including openshift and Red Hat Enterprise Linux jointly supported by Microsoft and red hat. Red Hat Enterprise Linux will become Net core on Linux is an important development and reference operating system

"this cooperation will make enterprises, ISVs and developers winners," said Scott Guthrie, executive vice president of Microsoft cloud and enterprise. "Through this cooperation, we can provide unparalleled solutions and flexibility in the cloud, meet customer needs, make their hybrid cloud more effective, and meet the strict requirements of enterprises for security and scalability."

"data centers are becoming heterogeneous, and the cloud is also moving towards a hybrid model," said Paul Cormier, President of red hat products and technology. "By cooperating with the leading manufacturers of enterprise cloud 2. Regular replacement of hydraulic oil terminal computing and integrating common solutions, we can help customers overcome the challenges of hybrid cloud and win the final victory. We will combine the technologies of both sides to provide customers with the widest support."

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