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Micro led forum is about to heat up the share price of crystal power

the 2017 smart display and touch Exhibition (touch Jinan universal experimental machine, especially Jinan gold testing universal experimental machine, whose performance is very guaranteed, Taiwan) will be on the stage next week. With the heat of micro led rising, the organizer held the 2017 international micro LED display industry summit forum for the first time, inviting led factories, LCD factories and MOCVD equipment factories to get together, Jingdian (2448) and OSRAM are the only two LED factories in the world that can simultaneously provide RGB trichromatic chips, and hold 20% equity of neptunium Chuang. They are regarded as the main beneficiaries of micro LED after it enters commercial mass production

foreign securities companies expect that micro LED will not have the opportunity to enter the mass production stage until the second half of 2018 at the earliest. However, under the backward OLED display technology in Taiwan, both LCD manufacturers and LED manufacturers want to revive the decline of micro led and spare no effort to promote the mass production of micro led. At present, although there are many bottlenecks at home and abroad that need to be broken, the stock price has responded in advance to the expectations of new display technology

this year, the Taiwan Display Industry Federation (tdua) specially held the first 2017 international micro LED Display Industry Summit Forum, and the invited lecturer lineup is unprecedented, including mikro mesa technology founder and chairman Chen Liyi, director of the Institute of Electro Optics of the Industrial Research Institute Wu Zhiyi, deputy general manager of Jingdian xiemingxun, and equipment manufacturer aixtron R & D director Geng kuiquan. In view of the technology, application and future development trend of micro led, from the LCD end Bayer materials technology (China) Co., Ltd. as the main support unit analyzes the feasibility of this new technology

Li Bingjie, chairman of Jingdian, once pointed out at this year's shareholders' meeting that Jingdian and OSRAM are the only manufacturers in the world that provide RGB trichromatic chips at the same time. If micro led enters commercial mass production, it can obtain business opportunities for Jingdian. However, he expects that micro LED will be applied to small-scale products such as VR and wearable devices

in the short term, the financial report of crystal power has improved since the second quarter. Not only did it turn into profit in a single quarter, but it also turned into profit in the first half of this year. EPS reached 0.42 yuan. In the third quarter, Blu ray remained under full load, which helped to follow up profits throughout the year. At present, the net value per share of crystal power is as high as 46.5 yuan, so the share price is close to the net value per share. Yesterday, it stood at an integer level of 40 yuan, a record high since July 2015

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