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Microsoft and Xuhui have a three-year contract to help build an artificial intelligence development agglomeration area. Original title: Microsoft and Xuhui have a three-year contract. According to labor daily, the Microsoft accelerator Shanghai innovation day activity with the theme of "entrepreneurship and connectivity" was held yesterday. Representatives of 19 outstanding Microsoft accelerators and Shanghai alumni enterprises showed the latest acceleration achievements. It was learned at the event that Xuhui District signed a memorandum of strategic cooperation with Microsoft (China) Co., Ltd. on the same day, announcing that in the next three years, it will carry out in-depth cooperation in the fields of mass entrepreneurship and innovation incubation, talent gathering and innovation integration ecological construction, so as to further promote the development of artificial intelligence industry

according to the new strategic cooperation memorandum, Microsoft (China) Shanghai branch and Microsoft Technology Center (Shanghai) will be stationed in Xuhui District, and will cooperate with the Microsoft accelerator (Shanghai) and Microsoft cloud and mobile technology incubation plan, which was launched in advance. Cloud and mobile in Xuhui mass entrepreneurship and innovation community must comprehensively consider energy efficiency, environmental protection and product quality, and use the incubation base (Yunsai space), Promote the formation of a shared innovation ecosystem focusing on AI, and help Xuhui build a globally influential AI development cluster

Ke Ruijie, senior vice president of Microsoft and chairman and CEO of Greater China (see Figure), said: "Microsoft hopes to promote the industrial agglomeration and development of AI industry in Xuhui District through further strategic cooperation and relying on Microsoft's technology and platform advantages, so as to empower more scientific and technological innovation enterprises in Xuhui District."

Xuhui District is an important bearing area of Shanghai Science and technology innovation center and a national innovation and entrepreneurship demonstration base. Xuhui has also become a gathering area of Microsoft AI in Shanghai. In 2016, Xuhui District launched strategic cooperation with Microsoft China and Yidian group to jointly build "Xuhui Yidian mass entrepreneurship and innovation community" and create a professional maker space "cloud race space". As one of the most important projects, Microsoft accelerator Shanghai, relying on strong global resources such as business, market, research and development, brings together industry leaders, investment institutions and other forces to provide entrepreneurs with a full range of services such as technology support platform, innovation and entrepreneurship training, market promotion activities, capital market docking and so on. Since its establishment in 2017, it has helped 60 innovative enterprises in the fourth phase to accelerate successfully, with a total valuation of 71.2 billion yuan, including 30 with a valuation of billion yuan, 29 with a valuation of billion yuan, 1 with a valuation of billion yuan, that is, selling recycled wire rods at a level lower than the average price. It is the most profitable of the eight Microsoft accelerators in the world, and has become a bridge for innovative enterprises to go international and a link for excellent enterprises at home and abroad to land in Xuhui

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