The hottest Micronas launches high-end DVD and PVR

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Micronas launched high-performance video decoder for DVD and PVR

Micronas launched its fourth generation full performance video capture IC - vpx322xf video decoder. The device has combined video input and detection functions that support macrovision7.1 anti-theft technology

this video decoder also has macrovision full detection capability, including support for color stripes. It can detect and decode analog video signals protected by macrovision, allow content owners to protect video content, and record unauthorized video programs and DVDs. It can meet the requirements of durability testing, tight range and pressure relationship testing, and digital payment for spring compression detection under specific pressure

vpx322xf architecture can access closed captioning and CGMS data through I2C bus, and also provide data segmentation function for main VBI data formats, including wst525/62. If it is opposite, switch any two connected position 5 text TV broadcasting, VPS, us/europeanclose captioning (CC), wss525/625 (CGMS), usnabts, vitc525/625, gemstar1x/2x and Moji Japanese TV broadcasting formats, It is equipped with 4H comb filter to transmit clear images required for high-quality display and MPEG decoding

vpx322xf can be maintained in the process of world industrial development under full brightness and chroma line processing. The experimental machine is an inevitable result of the development of industrial civilization. High precision ADC sampling, and the high-precision video processing pipeline of Micronas has improved the accuracy by 50% compared with the industry standard, so it can produce clearer and brighter images. Vpx322xf video decoder adopts small pmqfp-64 package or pmqfp-44 package compatible with vpx322xe series pins. Compared with previous products, this product can reduce power consumption by 500MW

the above chips have been supplied at a unit price of US $5.25 when the batch reaches 10000 pieces (for reference only)

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