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Omte drupa takes the lead in presenting the latest flexographic printing technology

today, with the increasing cost pressure of packaging and printing, it is more necessary for printing plants to update technology to improve their profitability. One of the ways is to use the medium and narrow width rotary printing processing line and use its connecting line advantages to reduce the loss cost in production As a leader in the field of medium and narrow width rotary processing, Italian narrow width flexographic printer manufacturer Omet will display the latest varyflex-f1 production technology in the Dusseldorf exhibition hall from May to June

the on-site printing display model varyflex-f1 is 530mm wide, equipped with 6 UV color decks and the ohrs plug and play guide rail system unique to Omet, a cold pressing unit that can be transposed at will, a flying knife cross cutting system and a single sheet receiving table. The printing replacement from film to cardboard will be demonstrated on site

the flying knife cross cutting system is driven by an independent servo motor and consists of two rollers, each of which is equipped with a cutting blade and synchronized with the printing, which can accurately cut the post printing materials Spiral gears are installed at the control end of the machine to ensure the cutting accuracy, which will bring important advantages to the printing quality and productivity. For example, in terms of product quality, the flying knife cutting unit can provide clean, dust-free cutting; There is no tearing phenomenon in small format cutting, and there is no report of stretching in large format cutting: cutting is very sharp and clean for any format

varyflex-f1 has a modular design to ensure the flexibility of online process exchange, including gravure printing, silk, hot stamping and cold stamping units. Holographic positioning bronzing can also be added, which can achieve good overprint accuracy. On the one hand, this technology can enhance the decorative effect, and at the same time, it can also provide anti foaming fake technology for plastic parts, which is very useful for some specific markets. Varyflex has a wide range of printing materials, including plastic film, paper, self-adhesive, cardboard, and product categories from labels, flexible packaging, folding cartons, shrink sleeve labels, in film labels, bills, etc. Through a variety of online processes, the one-stop online printing processing operation is carried out at a high speed, which reduces the loss, labor and stacking space caused by multiple offline operations, and greatly saves costs and resources for enterprises. Taking folding carton processing as an example, the profit margin of the former is significantly higher than that of the latter by comparing the off-line process operation with the off-line process operation of the offset printing equipment

beside the demonstration equipment, the company also launched a special process technology exhibition area to display and introduce the advanced on-line process technology of the company, including the plug-in sleeve offset printing unit, the plug-in gravure printing unit, the silk screen printing unit, and the patented double position servo die-cutting system of the company

the highlight of this exhibition is also the elimination method of the famous tv503 tissue machine in the industry: change the oil with suitable viscosity, adopt the embossing technology with good human-machine interface from point to point, and be equipped with the Omet patent technology non-stop unwinding device in the field of intelligent cables, which is exhibited for the first time The equipment can print and process colored folding paper towels, tray paper and other napkins

market data show that flexographic printing has become the fastest-growing printing technology in the world, and ometer is the leading enterprise actively leading in this field. Ometer flexographic printing technology can completely achieve good dot printing effect, which is comparable to offset printing quality, and even very close to the processing of dot gradient. At the same time, it also has the advantages of bright colors and stable colors The company will use drupa to show the breakthrough in flexo printing technology

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