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Omron China won the qualification of "regional headquarters" of the Ministry of Commerce

recently, Omron (China) Co., Ltd. obtained the qualification of "regional headquarters" of the Ministry of Commerce of China, marking that the implementation of Omron's "shifting and accelerating" strategy in China continues to be effectively guaranteed. It is reported that the cost of the whole machine is usually low, and OMRON is also the first enterprise to obtain this qualification among the large foreign-funded enterprises at present

"regional headquarters" is a new concept proposed in the "provisions on foreign investment in investment companies" further revised by the Ministry of Commerce in February this year. After obtaining the qualification of "regional headquarters", qualified investment companies are allowed to import and sell the products of multinational companies in China, provide financial support, and carry out logistics distribution, service outsourcing, etc

Omron currently focuses on the overall growth in China and has put forward the strategy of "shifting and speeding up". It is expected that by March, 2005, its production and sales in China will exceed 870million US dollars, and by March, 2008, it will obtain a sales revenue of 1.33 billion US dollars in fiscal year 2007 (about four times that of fiscal year 2003 as of March, 2004). In order to achieve this goal, Omron plans to increase its investment in China by 30billion yen (about 250million US dollars) before fiscal year 2007. By the end of April this year, Omron China had increased its registered capital to US $100million, and the company took the lead in investing in information and procurement system infrastructure to enhance its business

from this year, Omron will hold a high-level China business development strategy meeting in China every quarter to review, decide and promote the development strategy of Omron's business in China. On May 17, on the occasion of the second China business development strategy meeting, Wu Bangguo, member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, received a delegation led by Yoshio ishishi, President of Omron Corporation of Japan, and fully affirmed Omron's development in China

"regional headquarters" qualification will accelerate the completion of Omron's business and sales goals in China. The latest data shows that so far, Omron has set up 18 wholly-owned and joint venture factories and companies in China, and the total number of employees in China has reached 5500

about OMRON company

OMRON company, founded in 1933, is a world-renowned manufacturer of automation control and electronic equipment, and holds the world's leading core technology of sensing and control. Over the past 70 years since its establishment, Omron has developed into a large multinational enterprise by constantly creating new social needs, with hundreds of thousands of product varieties and 24576 employees, including more than 5500 employees of OMRON China. The global turnover is close to 5. Facing the spread of the epidemic, 85 billion yen (about 5billion US dollars) is needed. Its industrial automation equipment, control equipment components, automotive electronic components, social systems, intelligent modules and health care products have been widely used in all aspects of social production and life

in 2002, Omron established the "China headquarters" in China, which is second only to the Japanese headquarters, and is determined to create a second Omron in China. From this year, Omron will change its strategy in China, that is, it will no longer only position China as a production and product export base, but develop, produce and sell products for the Chinese market in China. The business center has also shifted from production to establishing a one-stop business system in China, including development, material procurement, sales and even after-sales service

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