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Omni plastic Anyi chengxinneng announced at that time that the ting auto parts R & D center was completed

the French parts supplier Omni plastic recently announced that its new R & D center in Shanghai Anting had been put into operation, and the use of phosphorus flame retardant materials was restricted. The company also held a ceremony for the completion of the new center

Omni plastic said that the new R & D center will focus on the business of automotive exterior parts. At present, the center employs about 30 engineers and technicians. This scale is expected to expand to 450 by 2016, so as to provide support for Omni plastic's business in China

in mid-2013, Omni plastic signed 35 new exterior parts projects with 18 customers in China. By 2015, the number of new projects signed by the company in China is expected to increase to 50. At present, the customers of Omni plastic in the Chinese market include Volkswagen, GM, SAIC, FAW, BMW, Peugeot Citroen and Jaguar Land Rover

the main business of Omni plastic in China is bumpers. In addition, it also includes a small number of tailgate and fender orders. Yanfeng bio automotive exterior decoration system Co., Ltd. (YFPO), a cooperative company formed by Omni plastic and Yanfeng Visteon automotive exterior decoration system, has 13 factories in China for the production of automotive exterior decoration parts

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