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Omron has built a "link" to health

with the new medical reform policy and the 12th Five Year Plan and other policies paying more attention to disease prevention, the concept of health prevention has gradually become popular. People's attention to health prevention and the government's strong promotion have brought good opportunities to the medical device industry, and also pointed out a new development direction for the medical device industry. In line with the needs and development direction of China's medical device market, international medical device manufacturers represented by OMRON are actively committed to introducing world-class health testing instruments and advanced medical management models to China, so as to make medical diagnosis, health management and all kinds of communication smoother and build a link to health

make medical diagnosis smoother

people who have patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases at home know that it takes a lot of time to measure, test and film each time, whether it is the first or subsequent diagnosis. If these times can be shortened, the burden can be reduced for both doctors and patients. From the perspective of reducing the burden of doctors and patients, Omron has continuously developed medical devices with accurate, fast measurement and simple operation by using its unique advanced sensing technology, which has brought great convenience to Chinese doctors and patients

Omron fully automatic electronic sphygmomanometer, which is widely used in large hospitals in China, allows the measurer to easily measure blood pressure by simply putting his arm into the arm barrel; In order to ensure safety in production, Omron's heart and pulse pressure detector can collect 30 second pulse oscillogram within 3 minutes to complete the measurement; The arteriosclerosis diagnosis device can quickly measure 16 related parameters, which only requires the patient to expose the wrist and ankle. These instruments can not only greatly shorten the measurement time, but also automatically obtain the measurement results, and print the results, saving doctors' effort and patients' time. In particular, the arteriosclerosis diagnosis device can automatically generate two different test reports for doctors and patients. The detailed and professional reports generated for doctors are easier for doctors to diagnose, while the reports generated for patients are simple and easy to understand, which also facilitates doctors to explain the condition to patients and facilitate doctor-patient communication. From all aspects for the sake of doctors and patients, from all details for doctors and patients to reduce the burden

therefore, there will be many problems

make health management smoother

it is difficult to see a doctor, which is one of the biggest health and medical problems for ordinary citizens at present. Every time I see a doctor, I have to queue up and register early in the morning, especially when I go to the third-class hospital, I may get up at four or five o'clock; There are many people to see a doctor. It takes several hours to wait. It still needs to wait for measurement, laboratory testing and filming. Many people, especially migrant workers and busy business people who work in the morning and evening, have begun to threaten their health, although the chronic disease of senior three, which was originally considered to be geriatric disease, but because it takes a lot of time to see a disease, they find that if the disease can be tolerated, they are unwilling to see a doctor if it does not develop seriously, and frequent follow-up visits make them headache. How to make the communication between doctors and patients more convenient and smooth is the new direction of medical development at present and even in the future

the development of network and wireless communication technology has provided the possibility for the new direction of medical development. Major medical device manufacturers have developed medical devices with communication function, which can transmit the measured health data between hospitals and patients in time through computers and networks, shortening the distance between doctors and patients, and realizing efficient communication between doctors and patients. Omron has begun to develop such health and medical products as early as the beginning of the 21st century. The experimental machine is an indispensable and important testing instrument, and a series of products were launched at the beginning of this year. This group of products includes electronic sphygmomanometers, body weight and fat meters, and pedometers. All of them are equipped with Bluetooth function, which can transmit the measured data to computers and other terminal devices. In this way, it can not only better store and manage health data, but also transmit the data to doctors through network or wireless communication technology. Doctors can guide patients to take medicine through these data, or make suggestions on the improvement of lifestyle, So as to avoid long-time waiting for medical treatment, get the guidance and feedback of doctors without leaving home, and form an efficient telemedicine service system

make all kinds of communication smoother

health care products with communication function can not only achieve efficient communication between doctors and patients, but also make more communication smoother

in many developed countries, the data measured with such health care products can be transmitted not only to doctors, but also to nursing centers, which can realize nursing monitoring through these data. This kind of health management mode based on the communication function of medical devices has been popularized in many developed countries. For example, in Japan, some elderly patients who spend more than half of their time can transfer their measurement data to the nursing center at home, and the nursing center can realize targeted medical care for patients based on these data, and come to the door for care or treatment when necessary

in addition, these data can also be transmitted to the Internet. Patients can exchange experience, communicate prevention and treatment experiences, supervise and encourage each other on their own platform

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