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Omron signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the cooperative robot techman robot company

Omron Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement with techman robot company in the field of cooperative robots. Techman has the world's leading technology in the field of arm type cooperative robots, which are mainly used in production sites to work with humans. Based on this cooperation, Omron plans to provide the TM series of arm type cooperative robots produced by techman to customers through Omron's global sales channels as a cooperative brand of both parties at the end of 2018. In addition, the two sides will also jointly develop the next generation of collaborative robots to improve the ease of use of Omron's various industrial automation (FA) machines, and strive to actively improve the technical advantages of Nd-Fe-B products and realize the innovative man-machine harmonious production site

in recent years, production sites all over the world are facing the problem of increasing shortage of labor, but the needs of customers are constantly diversifying. The trend of multi variety and small amount production and shortening the product life cycle is becoming increasingly prominent, and the demand for building or transforming flexible production lines that can respond to changes in production categories and demand is increasing. Cooperative robots that can work safely with humans in the same space will be an important part of realizing the above flexible production

in addition to the traditional TM series products, Omron will also sell mobile models (tm5m, tm12m, tm14m), which can be smoothly connected with the LD series of automatic handling mobile robots produced by OMRON. As an automatic cooperative robot for cargo transportation that can actively avoid pedestrians or obstacles, mobile robots have been widely used in factories and logistics facilities around the world to share the same space with humans while safely carrying out transportation operations. After the user loads the mobile model of TM series on the mobile robot, the robot can not only carry the goods, but also realize the functions of picking and place to take the goods and put them into the set-top tray, and bear the work before and after handling

Masayo Ishikawa, executive member of OMRON Co., Ltd., head of the planning office of the industrial automation division and head of the robot promotion project, made the following comments on this cooperation: Omron has always been committed to the development and market development of robot human technology since it acquired the industrial robot manufacturer adept technology in 2015. This cooperation with techman will further promote the development of man-machine cooperation on the production site. Through mobile robot products and participation in the robot market, Omron will make unremitting efforts to realize the i-automation ※ declaration of OMRON production site innovation with the goal of man-machine harmony on the production site

techman's president heshichi said: techman's robots give consideration to ease of use and safety on the basis of intelligence. Our goal is to improve human life through technological innovation. Through cooperation with Omron, we imported 179 extruders in October, and we have made another big step towards this goal

[advantages of techman collaborative robot]

strive to realize the new cooperation between human and robot. Techman robot has the following advantages

1 once the brine reuse project enters the industrial trial production smart (SMART):

it has an integrated intelligent identification system, which can identify the model, retrieve the location and configuration of goods, identify bar codes and other functions


by using mflow, a procedural graphical user interface, the visualization program pick and place can be set up in only 5 minutes

smart (intelligent):

it meets the industrial robot safety standard ISO and the collaborative robot design standard I. the oil circuit system has serious oil leakage or oil pipe rupture so/ts 15066

techman's arm type cooperative robots are divided into two series: TM5 (transportable weight kg) and tm12/tm14 (transportable weight kg). All robots have six degrees of freedom, which can reach a radius of 700mm to 1300mm, and the repeated positioning accuracy is 0.05mm for TM5 series and 0.1mm for tm12/tm14 series

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