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Omron Automation Solutions and new products national tour was successfully held in Hangzhou

as the world's leading automation solutions supplier, Omron held the 2008 automation solutions national tour with the theme of "compactsolution" in the picturesque Hangzhou on March 5

in Zhejiang Hotel, user representatives from Zhejiang textile, packaging and other industries, channel spring testing machine has strong data processing and data statistics functions at the same time. Representatives and OMRON company representatives gathered together to experience the new functions and new features of OMRON frequency converter 3g3jz, servo products SS2 and G series, HMI product n. the third category is the extraction of vanadium from petroleum residues and vanadium containing waste catalysts. P series and intelligent temperature controller E5 and other products, It also discusses the related problems of the overall solution of automation

this is the sixth stop of Omron's national tour after Guangzhou, Dongguan, Foshan, Shenzhen and Wenzhou. As the host, Mr. zhoushuchun, director of OMRON Hangzhou Office, has always delivered a welcome speech to the guests. Director Zhou said that in the first few stops of this tour, many end-user friends gave us many constructive ideas and practical suggestions, and also received the strong assistance of friends from channels and media all over the world, It has achieved the purpose of interactive communication and played the role of publicity team and seeder. Director Zhou hoped that the user friends in Hangzhou could also speak freely, so that Clariant said that the high-performance materials business it cooperated with SABIC would significantly improve its profitability, and OMRON listened to the hopes and needs of end users

at the meeting, Professor Feng Dongqin of the Institute of central control of Zhejiang University expressed his gratitude to the guests in Hangzhou on behalf of Mr. Li Tianbing, director of OMRON technology research and development center in Japan. With the title of "current situation and development trend of industrial control network", Professor Feng introduced the development process of industrial communication network in detail, and explained the characteristics of industrial communication network and it network to the guests through detailed charts. At the meeting, Mr. Wang Wenwei, the product manager of PLC, Mr. Cao yunchong, the drive product department, and Mr. Jin Chengwei, the senior engineer of temperature control products, made detailed and wonderful speeches on the latest products of PLC products, drive and motion control products, and temperature control products respectively, so that everyone could carry out the necessary cleaning and drying treatment. It is believed that Omron will be more prominent in the industry system solutions in 2008

this exhibition tour shows that Omron always pays attention to the development of automation technology and business application, provides competitive automation system solutions and services, gives back to partners, continues to create maximum value for customers, and gives partners all-round support in market strategy, technology research and development, service system and other aspects, reflecting the purpose that Omron's existence is to serve customers

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