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At the just concluded Labelexpo international label exhibition in Brussels, three complete equipment were displayed on the 500 square meter booth with normal shutdown inspection, providing visitors with a fine color demonstration full of technical highlights

the most striking is the best-selling champion X-Flex. X-Flex showed the most wonderful demonstration at the Brussels exhibition. Only it can show the audience the production process of increasing or decreasing speed from 30 m/s to 200 m/s, and also ensure the high quality requirements of products. The demonstration of X-Flex was highly appreciated because of its high quality, high speed and pre registration of printing, as well as the excellent overprint effect verified under repeated acceleration or deceleration tests between 30 m/s and 200 m/s. Among the peers, none of the company's equipment can demonstrate pre overprint printing and speed up or speed down variable speed printing test, only ometer can. The visitors are very satisfied that omit enlarged the overprint label by 75 times during the equipment demonstration, and clearly reflected the printing quality, the use of the real anchor fatigue testing machine and the functional characteristics of the equipment to the audience

also eye-catching is the latest digital inkjet printer x-jet, which was unveiled for the first time, which is the latest R & D achievement of the company. Angelo Bartesaghi, President of Omet, called it the future of printing technology. He explained that we have two reasons to develop x-jet 430. First, it meets the market needs of shorter and shorter editions, and can provide personalized printing of variable data; The second is to reduce the downtime. At the exhibition, this x-jet was also equipped with an Omet double station single knife cutting system for demonstration. This newly launched cutting system can handle all label products of different sizes with only one magnetic knife roller

omet also demonstrated the online offset technology building deformation measurement procedure jgj/t 8 (9) 7 on the spot. It carried out glue soft combination printing on the Varyflex printing machine, which is the flagship product of omite with powerful functions, and demonstrated the replacement of operation for the first time at the exhibition, including the replacement of operation size, the replacement of the whole printing insert, etc. In addition, the Varyflex printing unit with a width of 850mm is also displayed, which means that Varyflex can handle the format printing business when there is no experiment for a long time

omet achieved great success at the Labelexpo exhibition in Brussels. Marco Calcagni, sales director of omit, said:

the number and quality of visitors are the best. We received more than 1000 useful inquiries in four days, and sold five machines in four days. Our company's philosophy is passion and innovation. Many visitors to our booth expressed their strong interest in the new technology exhibited by Omet. The inquiry information we collected shows that we are confident that we will maintain good sales momentum in the last quarter of 2009 and have better expectations for the market next year

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