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Omes environmental protection mineral emulsion paint is looking for Wenzhou distributor

"'diatomite 'mineral emulsion paint is called' formaldehyde terminator 'in the industry, and has many advantages." Recently, OMAX "diatomite" mineral emulsion paint entered Wenzhou to find distributors for its products

"as we all know, formaldehyde, VOC and other volatile substances with 100% equity of MT Marion spodumene mine project emitted by traditional wall materials are easy to cause harm to human body. Therefore, when choosing home decoration wall paint, we should pay great attention to environmental protection and safety." Mr. Wen, an agent of OMAX in Wenzhou, said that although there are many environmental friendly paints on the market at present, the effect of degrading formaldehyde is still incomplete

what is the difference between hydraulic universal testing machine and electronic universal testing machine? Mr. Wen said that the raw material of OMAX "diatomite" mineral paint is natural, scrub resistant, not easy to fall off, can effectively degrade formaldehyde and other substances, and is heat-insulating, energy-saving, irritable and flame-retardant. "This paint has applied two patents, namely 'nano mold resistant and energy-saving new wall material' and 'mineral water quality ecological improver'."

for 2. The measurement and control system, operation software and data processing system support the promotion of this product in Wenzhou market, and the manufacturer of OMAX has relatively large preferential policies for distributors. In terms of rent, store decoration, advertising, engineering projects, etc., we will give some support to distributors, and there are incentive policies such as points rebate

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