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Printing paper Knowledge Q & A (186

186. What are the performance characteristics of thin relief paper?

answer: the main characteristics of thin relief paper are small quantity, thin thickness and high whiteness. It is similar to dictionary paper, but it is different from dictionary paper because it does not meet the requirements of offset printing. The standard stipulates that the whiteness of A-level thin relief paper is not less than 78%, B-level is not less than 75%, C-level is not less than 73%; the positive and negative surface difference of smoothness, A-level is not more than 30%, B-level and C-level is not more than 35%; thin relief paper also has With good opacity and surface strength, there will be no problems such as through printing, hair loss, powder loss, plate pasting, dirt and so on in the printing process

187. Tell primary and secondary school textbooks how to classify paper

answer: the printing paper for primary and secondary school textbooks is divided into three levels: B, C and d according to the quality, such as the shock absorber of the car is the amount of oil shock absorption (changing mechanical energy into fluid energy). Among them, B is a product with domestic advanced level, which is suitable for offset printing

188. What are the performance requirements of primary and secondary school textbook paper

answer: the industry standard stipulates in the technical indicators of primary and secondary school textbook paper that the whiteness is not less than 60%, and the difference between the front and back sides of smoothness is not more than 45%

189. What are the performance characteristics of coated paper

answer: coated paper, commonly known as coated paper, is mostly used to print high-end printed materials such as calendars, pictorials, picture albums, product manuals, etc. The most prominent feature of coated paper is that the paper surface is bright and clean, with high whiteness, gloss, smoothness and stiffness. Therefore, the printing gloss and graphic level reproducibility are good

the printing performance of coated paper is related to the quality of base paper, coating formula and coating method. The base paper used for coated paper is required to have high mechanical strength and good water resistance, flat paper surface, uniform thickness, no appearance paper disease, and small flexibility; The coating should have the required whiteness and fineness. After coating, drying and super calendering, it can be firmly attached to the base paper, and no bubbles are required in the coating

190. What are the performance characteristics of cast coated paper

answer: cast coated paper is a kind of paper with high specular gloss on the surface after surface processing of base paper with special coating process, also known as glass paperboard. It has good printability and is mainly used for printing art cards, greeting cards, etc. cast coated paper prints have clear pictures, bright colors and strong three-dimensional sense. Cast coated paper is actually a kind of high-grade coated paper, and many of its characteristics are similar to coated paper

191. What are the performance characteristics of poster paper

answer: poster paper is a kind of printing paper with light on one side, which is mainly used for printing announcements, announcements, announcements, etc. In terms of performance, poster paper is a single adhesive paper with relatively low requirements, which is not suitable for fine graphic printing

192. What are the performance characteristics of weekly newspapers

answer: weekly newspaper is a high-grade thin offset printing paper specially used for the printing of some periodicals, and its quantity is generally 44g/m2. The fiber structure of weekly newspaper is uniform, the surface gloss is consistent, and there should be no wrinkles, wrinkles, hard blocks, light transmission points and other paper diseases. There should be no hair and powder loss during printing

193. What are the uses and performance characteristics of white cardboard

answer: white cardboard is a kind of white hard paper used to print business cards, invitations, certificates, certificates, commodity packaging boxes, etc. According to its main technical indicators, the whiteness of white cardboard shall not be less than 92% (Class A), 87% (class B) and 82% (Class C); The smoothness varies from 20 to 40s according to the paper quantity. When a manual switch should be installed on the same wire to control the experimental motor source, the greatest feature of white cardboard is its high stiffness and burst resistance

194. What are the uses and performance characteristics of gravure printing paper

answer: gravure printing paper is a kind of higher-grade paper for gravure printing, which is mostly used to print monochrome or color art pictures, illustrations, picture books, stamps, tickets, etc., so gravure printing paper can be named banknote paper, ticket paper, stamp paper, etc. according to specific prints

the requirements of gravure printing on paper determine the characteristics of gravure printing paper, that is, the paper is white and firm, and the whiteness is generally not less than 85% (Class A) and 82% (class B); The surface is smooth, fine and uniform, and the smoothness is 180 ~ 220s; Small size flexibility; High mechanical strength and good compression resistance

195. What are the uses and performance characteristics of Micah paper

answer: Micah paper is a kind of paperboard, which is mostly used for art prints, such as the lining paper and business cards of picture books and hardcover books

Micah paper generally requires fine fiber tissue, soft paper, high folding resistance and embossing; Micah paper is beige, so the color should be uniform, and each batch of paper should not have obvious color difference. Among its main technical indicators, the heat of graphene in the market can be seen. The folding resistance of graphene is no less than 2200m, and the flexibility (horizontal) is no more than 2.5%

196. What are the performance characteristics of book cover paper

answer: book cover paper is also called book cover paper, which is generally used as the cover of books, books, account books and magazines. Due to its special use, the most important requirement in terms of performance is good mechanical strength. At the same time, the cover paper should also be resistant to friction and folding, the paper surface should be flat and smooth, the water resistance is good, and there should be no wrinkles, wrinkles, spots and other appearance paper diseases

its main technical indicators stipulate that the folding resistance of book cover paper is not less than 15 times for Grade A, 10 times for Grade B and 5 times for grade C

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