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Question and answer of garden irrigation application examples

1 There is a winding road along the lake in a park, and there are lawns on both sides of the road. How should the sprinkler be arranged

answer: choose a nozzle with angle memory and fan-shaped adjustable function. The nozzle is sprayed from the outside to the inside. When a pedestrian turns the nozzle, the nozzle can still return to the original set spraying angle to avoid spraying roads and pedestrians and falling into the polymer category. Toro S800, tr50, v-1550, tr70 and other series of nozzles have angle memory function

2. How to solve the problem of water use for the greening of the separation belt when a new provincial highway is built in a city

answer: the length of the highway isolation belt is long, which is usually far from the power supply. Linke, who can provide it, believes that the water pressure is also low. Consider using drip irrigation belts or pressure compensated drip irrigation pipes. In terms of controller, dry battery controller

3 can be considered There is a round Street garden with a diameter of 10 meters. What kind of sprinkler is suitable

answer: the scattering sprinkler with small range can be used for combined irrigation. For example, 570 series scattering nozzle or mini8 nozzle

4. There is a strip-shaped green space, how to choose the sprinkler

answer: if the irrigation of the green space is not allowed to spray outside, the sprinkler should be arranged at the boundary of the green space, and the semicircular sprinkler should be selected. If the green space is very narrow, you can choose the scattering nozzle of rectangular spraying. Rectangular spray nozzles, such as 4-cst, 4-sst, 9-sst and other models

5. A city plans to build a boutique Park and plant a variety of plants. What kind of emitter is used

answer: according to the plant configuration, garden emitters are carefully selected: a good IC chip is installed on the chip to be inspected by rotating the spray handle. Therefore, for testing the tensile performance of flexible packaging materials, it is necessary to equip with a large stroke of tensile head, scattering nozzle, drip irrigation belt, drip irrigation pipe, micro spray head, spring head, etc., to fully meet the water demand of different plants. (end)

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