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Q & A on ozone knowledge

1. Q: how does nature produce ozone

answer: in addition to the ozone layer, the places where ozone is produced in nature are waterfall area, seaside area and forest area. The method of generation is that after the ultraviolet ray of sunlight is concentrated by small water drops, the oxygen in the water drops will be converted into ozone, or ozone will also be generated in rainy days when there is thunder

2. Q: will ozone also be produced in places with air pollution

answer: nitrogen compounds, carbon monoxide, etc. contained in motor vehicle exhaust will have a synergistic effect under ultraviolet radiation, converting part of oxygen into ozone. Ozone produced in the air polluted environment can dissolve nitric oxide in water; It can also convert carbon monoxide into stable carbon dioxide, which is the detoxification process of nature

3. Q: why do people mistakenly recognize ozone as the culprit of air pollution

answer: generally, environmental protection units take the concentration of ozone as an indicator of the degree of air pollution, which makes people mistakenly believe that ozone is the main culprit of air pollution and makes ozone suffer a lot

4. Q: why do environmental protection units take ozone concentration as an indicator of air pollution

answer: as a result of the massive combustion of petrochemical fuels in the industrial society, a large number of nitrogen oxides, sulfur oxides, carbon hydrides, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, etc. are emitted into the atmosphere. After a series of complex photochemical reactions, ozone will be produced. Therefore, "detect ozone concentration" can determine the degree of air pollution

5. Q: will ozone decompose in air or water? What is the decomposition product

answer: the half-life of ozone in the air is about ten minutes, and the by-product after decomposition is oxygen; In the presence of pollutants, ozone decomposes faster. Ozone will decompose half in water for about 20 to 30 minutes, and the by-products after decomposition are mainly hydroxyl and oxygen

6. Q: will ozone form negative ions in water

answer: ozone dissolves in water and has strong oxidation, sterilization, bleaching, deodorization and other functions in the decomposition process, and will produce negative ions

7. Q: the five main functions of ozone

sterilization: it can quickly and completely eliminate viruses and bacteria in air and water. According to the experimental report of academic institutions, when the ozone concentration in water is 0.05ppm, after treatment for 10 to 20 minutes, the bacterial killing rate is more than 99%

detoxification: due to the development of industry and Commerce and the high enjoyment of material civilization, life is full of all kinds of substances harmful to human body; For example, carbon monoxide, pesticides, heavy metals, fertilizers, organics, odors, pigments, etc., after ozone treatment, will be decomposed into safe substances harmless to human body

fresh keeping: ozone has been widely used in the storage of various foods in the United States, Japan and European advanced countries, which can prolong the storage period of foods and reduce the spoilage rate of foods, so as to reduce losses and improve profits

bleaching: because ozone has strong oxidation, it is a strong bleaching agent, which can be used in laundry, food and wastewater treatment

deodorization: because ozone has strong oxidation and decomposition ability, it can quickly and completely eliminate all kinds of peculiar smell in air and water

8. Q: what is the function of ozone on human health

answer: ozone has the functions of sterilization, detoxification, preservation, deodorization, bleaching, anti-inflammatory, analgesia, oxygenation, air purification, cell activation, metabolism promotion, etc. For example, adjust the human urinary system, digestive system, oral health, strengthen the endocrine system, and adjust the detoxification system and respiratory system to the best condition

9. Q: what is the role of ozone in the air

answer: the concentration of ozone in the air is about 0.05ppm, which can reduce the number of bacteria in the air by about 70% and the virus by about 60-90%. In addition, ozone can completely decompose the odor generated by ammonia and sulfur gases in the air. At present,

10. Q: does ozone have an inhibitory effect on mold

answer: the method of ozone against bacteria is to directly oxidize the bacterial cell body, that is, destroy its DNA to achieve the effect of inhibition

11. Q: what is the important effect of ozone on water quality treatment

answer: when ozone decomposes in water, the hydroxyl group produced has strong oxidation ability, which can quickly remove impurities in water such as iron, manganese, odor, bacteria, viruses, etc., and reduce water molecules, making the water taste sweet. Chlorine and other halogenated organics in tap water can also be completely eliminated

12. Q: how many cases have ozone been applied to drinking water

answer: ozone is recognized as the best method to treat raw drinking water all over the world. There are more than 1000 water purification plants in Europe that use ozone to purify water quality; Most water purification plants in the United States, Japan and other advanced countries also use ozone to purify water quality

13. Q: comparison between ozone treatment and other treatment methods

answer: ozone can treat water quickly, save electricity and completely sterilize. The treatment equipment of other methods has the disadvantages of longevity and bacteria accumulation, and is not suitable for long-term use. Reverse osmosis method is also a disadvantage of power consumption, waste of water resources and high consumption of filter materials

14. Q: what can ozone treated water be used for other than raw drinking


1. It can make the tea taste more mellow without any peculiar smell

2. Cleaning fish, meat, vegetables and fruits can completely remove pesticide residues, fertilizers, and fishy smell

3. Brewing milk or other beverages can make its taste more mellow and delicious

4. It can be used to cook and make food more delicious and nutritious

5. Taking a bath can not only remove the dirt on the body and thoroughly improve personal physiological hygiene, but also improve the symptoms of organ discomfort in the body

6. It can be used to wash face and brush teeth, keep face dry and have whitening effect; And can maintain oral hygiene

7. When washing clothes, it can not only clean clothes, but also sterilize and bleach them, and will not hurt hands or cause secondary pollution

15. Q: how does ozone bath remove dirt from human epidermis

answer: ozone has extremely strong penetration and oxidation ability. It can quickly decompose or sterilize the oil and bacteria on the skin and even the pores, and peel off the dirt to achieve the effect of complete removal

16. Q: what effect does ozone water have on oral and dental health care

answer: most oral diseases occur due to bacteria or bacterial infection, and the crevices are the hotbed for the growth of bacteria, bacteria and dental plaque bacteria. The ozone water set treated immediately has a strong penetration, which can penetrate into the depths of the teeth, tongue coating, tooth decay, halitosis, toothache, tonsil inflammation, throat inflammation, etc., with magical curative effects. (in daily life, if you can brush your teeth and gargle with freshly treated ozone water every day, you can prevent the occurrence of the above symptoms)

17. Ask: what effect does ozone water have on the health care of the stomach and intestines

answer: the stomach belongs to the digestive organ, and the general pathological changes of the stomach are caused by too high acidity, while ozone has the physical property of selective reaction, and has a neutral tendency to change acidity into alkalinity and alkalinity into acidity. Ozone water can directly activate gastric cells, maintain a moderate acid-base state, and restore gastric function to normal. The intestine is an absorbing organ and a manufacturing place for various vitamins. Ozone water can activate intestinal cells, enhance the activity of aerobic bacteria and quickly restore intestinal function. It has a rapid effect on habitual diarrhea, duodenal ulcer or acute enteritis infected by bacteria

18. Q: what effect does ozone water have on blood purification

answer: Blood plays three functions in the human body, one is to transport nutrients to all parts of the body, the other is to discharge waste from all parts of the body, and the third is the defense system against disease. If the oxygen intake of healthy people is less than 4%, it is called hypoxia. If the oxygen intake of red blood cells is less than 4% of the total oxygen intake, the human body is prone to disease. The solubility of ozone is 13 times that of oxygen. Therefore, ozone can promote the oxygen content of blood, enhance the oxygen content of blood, enhance the fluidity of blood, and strengthen the glycosylation of red blood cells. It is recommended to apply a load of 15 ± 1mm/min) to stimulate the ability of enzyme decomposition and activate the respiration of fine mitochondria. These biochemical reactions can enhance the immune capacity of white blood cells, restore vascular elasticity, and promote metabolism; It has a considerable degree of maintenance and improvement for various diseases with circulatory system or metabolic disorders

19. Q: what is the function of ozone water in detoxification and filtration

answer: the liver is the detoxifying organ of the human body, and the kidney is the filtering organ of the human body. Most of the toxins in the human body come from food (at present, the use of pesticides and fertilizers is rampant, and the environmental pollution has been very serious), and a small part comes from emotional changes and various diseases. These toxins usually have to be broken down by the liver and filtered out by the kidney. However, due to the aging, pathological changes and pollution of organs, toxins cannot be completely decomposed out of the body and accumulated in the body, forming various chronic diseases. Ozone water contains "active substances" such as oh and O. in addition to supplying oxygen to enhance the oxidative physiological effect in the body, the "active substances" can decompose the toxicity or form harmless substances before being discharged from the body. Oxygen water has strong penetration and diuretic effect, which can reduce the accumulation of toxic substances in the body, and also reduce the chance of kidney stones and bladder stones. Ozone and its peroxides have a unique effect on viral diseases (such as liver rash), enhance the phagocytosis of leukocytes, and have a magical effect on the reduction and elimination of viral cells

20. Q: what is the function of ozone water on diabetes

answer: due to insulin imbalance in the endocrine system, sugar cannot be metabolized. Due to the abnormal blood glucose content, the organs and tissues are damaged, and then various functional diseases will occur; Such as neurological symptoms, visual impairment, kidney disease, vascular disease, uremia, arteriosclerosis, myocardial infarction, cerebral thrombosis, skin disease and so on. Ozone water has the functions of blood purification, detoxification, diuresis and so on. If diabetes patients drink it every day, they can use the activation function of ozone to convert glucose and oxygen in the blood into heat under the action of enzymes, and use the purification function of ozone to gradually recover the function of kidney, so as to carry out normal filtration and excretion. Diabetes is a disease that needs to be recuperated for life. It is inconvenient to eat and take care of. If ozone water is used to replace daily drinks, under the function maintenance of ozone water, the control of diet and drugs can be relaxed as appropriate, which can reduce the inconvenience and distress of daily life

21. Can ozone water lose weight

answer: because it has the effect of balancing pH and adjusting gastrointestinal effect, it can reduce excess abdominal fat

22. Is ozone bath effective for eight year old children with psoriasis for three years? How long will it take

answer: it will be significantly improved. Wash twice a day for 20 minutes each time, and it will improve after 2 weeks

23. Can someone be bitten by a poisonous snake wash the wound with O3 to detoxify

answer: No. Because the venom of poisonous snakes belongs to natural substances. O3 only decomposes chemical substances, so it is invalid

24. Tpiir has been approved by FDA. Can allergy be treated with ozone

answer: you can wash your hair and face with ozone water to remove the chemical components in the hair dye

25. Does ozone bath have an effect on birthmarks<

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